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  1. I'd never heard of this group before, it's called Meetup...they're having a Happy Hour at Top Gun/Wide Open Saloon in Denver this coming Thursday. Sounds like a decent group of folks that just like to get together and find new riding buddies, BS about riding/racing, etc.. They've got a couple of local shops sponsoring the event too. Here's a link to this upcoming event: CO/Denver Area Dirt Biker Meetup I'm going to go check it out and I've invited a guy from Dallas who is currently in Craig Rehab with a spinal injury. He doesn't know anyone in CO and just wants to get out and hang around some of his own kind for a bit. His name is Will Pattison and he's just a great guy, you can read more about him here: RDF Will Pattison I hope some of you can make it out for a beer and some wings!
  2. tatonka

    September 27 - Enduro Trail Ride

    IF I still lived back there I would definitely be working with the club and working this enduro. Sure there's a lot of work involved but it really is a great event and definitely gives the guys a chance to show off the local terrain. It'd be a shame to see it end after 73 years! Originally I signed up for 250C but the guys stuck me in 250B for some reason. It was my first ever enduro, on a borrowed bike, riding terrain I hadn't experienced in about 35 years! I think I finished up 3rd in the class though. Kinda bummed they only gave out trophies thru 2nd place in that class for some reason, too bad I wasn't in Four Stroke B or C!! I almost made it to Check #10 but there was a cluster$%^& on one of the hills. At that point ,my day was done. Those pics from early in the race don't begin to do it justice, from the mid-point gas stop on it was just plain nasty! I hope I get a chance to ride it again!!
  3. Planning on being there with the whole family (with the twins in gear)! Has anyone heard from the local dealers in the Denver area as to their participation in this effort tomorrow?
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    Nothing more to add...just another
  5. Very sad news, Godspeed Tony. R.I.P.
  6. Ray was a good man doing something he was very passionate about. I'm proud to be be able to call him a friend. I was at Loretta's but hadn't had a chance to see Ray before this happened. I last talked and rode with Ray just a few weeks ago at the Transworld Dirt Days event at ThunderValley in CO. He was stoked to have qualified and heading to LL's. Godspeed Ray - R.I.P.
  7. I agree, these are great handguards. I have been looking for around for another set also, the plastic is beat up, the metal is still good but I have busted one of the mounts. I really only need to replace the mount right now but if I found another set I'd probably pick them up as a spare. It seems like I saw them around in a bunch of places when I wasn't actively looking for them!
  8. tatonka

    Bowflex or Rower?

    My vote is the rower, unbelievable workout. Caution - you will get addicted! I haven't used the Transformx accessories on the C2 yet but hope to soon. The idea of a moto specific program makes a lot of sense. Take a look at the pro pits these days (and their home gyms) and you'll notice a lot of guys using the rower, I haven't seen to many Bowflex units around. Not that there's anything wrong with the bowflex, just a matter of what you're after.
  9. tatonka

    Celebrate Easter while supporting RiderDown

    Take the family out riding or just have a good time supporting a bunch of good causes. Lake Elsinore is the place to be on Sunday! Have fun and.........
  10. Sorry to hear about your crash but I'm glad it was you able to tell the tale yourself! Take it easy and don't rush yourself back on the bike. Remember ATTGATT!!!!!
  11. RIP Emery - Godspeed to you. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
  12. tatonka

    RIP Konrad

    Always hurts to hear this. RIP Konrad
  13. Hey Cutting Torch - let's plan a road trip from CO to CA and crash at Bolt's house, ride his bikes and eat his food!!!
  14. tatonka

    Inversion Tables

    I have one & use it fairly regularly to help with chronic, low back pain. I think it helps and I sure like the stretch it gives me. Got mine from Sears, very solid & stable unit.
  15. tatonka

    Contaction Rider Down Foundation

    RaceMX84 - check your emails! We received your email and responded that we never received your order through the RDF store, please try it again. Also FYI, feel free to contact us anytime at info@riderdown.org Thanks for your support!!