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  1. knewman

    Leaking gas tank

    I have a brand new, never been installed stock tank that I received as a replacement for my 06 WR250. While I was waiting for the replacement, I ordered theIMS so I have no need for it.
  2. knewman

    High Reving when throttle is closed

    The bike is apart right now, but an air leak sounds most likely the cause. I will report back in a week when it's back together. Thanks for the replies!! Keith
  3. I have had this probelm on just about every Husqvarna 250 2t that I have ever owned, and it is about time I get to the root of the problem. My current ride is an 06 WR250 with about 50 hours on it. When the motor is hot it will surge like hell when I close the throttle. It is much more noticable when I pull the clutch in, like it is running out of gas. It can even feel it pull the bike when I do not pull the clutch. And if i come to a stop, the revs really get out of hand for a few seconds. The one thing that always comes to mind is a dirty air filter, but a clean & freshly oiled filter does not cure the problem. When the motor is warm (not ridden hard) I have not noticed the issues. I am sure that others have the same problem. What is really going on???? Thanks in advance!!! Keith
  4. knewman

    275 Kit Anyone tried it ??

    I can not find any info on the 300 kit from Husqvarna. Would anyone be so kind as to point me in the right direction? Thank you! Keith
  5. knewman

    Making a WR250 Street Legal

    I have not done any of the lighting yet, but Plymouth from NEDB converted my last WR250 to be street legal with the lights, horn, etc., and was able to get it titled by presenting a letter of "street legal" from an inspection station to the RMV. It's really that simple in MA. Did you race the winter scrambles this past Sunday? My first ride on the WR was fantastic! Power..... handling...... I was very inpressed with the stock suspension too! This is the first bike that I have owned in a long time where I do not NEED to have the forks & shock revalved. You will not be dissapointed with the WR250!
  6. knewman

    BOXER Motorcycles

    Does this mean anything?? http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:C:2007:202:0007:0007:EN:PDF
  7. knewman

    Making a WR250 Street Legal

    Norman, I do have Fran's number. Thank you for the info! I haven't even received the bike yet, but as soon as it's broken in and the weather breaks, I'll be hooking up the electrics as well as sending the suspension out to ACE! I am the proud owner of a "brand new" demo 2006 WR250 from Heinens. From the pictures and their testimony, it is as brand new as any other bike they have uncrated. This one just happens to be the one that went to a few shows and was started up & test ridden a bit. I'll put it through the NETRA torture test for the next 2 or 3 years This is actually the second bike I have bought from them. I got the deal of the century! I have been riding Husqvarnas since 1990. My first one was a WXE250 (Cagiva), then a 95 WXC250, then a 2002 WR250, then a 2004 TC450, and now back to a 2 stroke. I loved the 4 stroke, but I couldn't pass up this deal. I had my heart set on a TXC450 because I love the MX motor/woods bike.
  8. knewman

    Making a WR250 Street Legal

    According to the parts manual online, it is 8000 A5565 It looks to have all of the leads that you will need. There is a detailed wiring diagram in the owners manual too. I am sure you could find the components needed to get the DC voltage sorted out. I don't see a battery in the Euro circuit...... Is it needed?
  9. knewman

    Making a WR250 Street Legal

    In Massachusetts if you prove to an Inspection Station that it has all of the components to make it road worthy, they will give you a letter to take to the Registry stating so. A Street title can then be issued to you! So what's stopping me from ordering the Euro harness and installing my own switches and required aftermarket lights?? Surely I could find a digital Speedo on eBay. The same rectifyer part number is listed for USA and EU bikes, as is the same altenator.
  10. hi All! I have a 2006 WR250 on it's way to me next week (eBay special!). I would like to make it street legal in Massachusetts. In order to do this I must have working high & low beam lights, directionals (not required but I'd like them), brake lights (both front & rear activated) and a horn. Horn is easy. lol Adding the rear directional "unit" us easy too. Does the USA version have the same wiring harness as the European bikes? I would love to be able to simply add the controls and break pressure sensors from the Europe bikes and be on my way. Is this feasable? Or is there a simpler/more cost effective way to do this? Thank you in advance!!!! Keith
  11. knewman

    Wr 125 and 250 on ebay

    I won the WR250 for $3170! This is the second bike I bought from Heinens!
  12. knewman

    Suspension in the North East

    ACE for NETRA type set-ups.
  13. knewman

    Battery Terminals Sparking

    I was having a similar issue a few weeks back. I thought I had a dead starter too because all it would do is click once then nothing........ a few minutes later it would click once again.... The problem was the ground wire going to the starter. I cleaned the starter contact surfaces and cables with scotchbrite & reassembled. The thing fired right up.
  14. knewman

    TXC Pics

    Would anyone know why Tasky's took down the pricing for the TXC's???
  15. Thr crossover tube issue has been going on for years with Husky. I am not sure if Husqvarna always uses NON reinforced tubing, but the crossover tube on my 04 TC450 was. I replaced it with transmission reinforced rubber tubing after mine did a dramatic POP in my face one afternoon in the woods.