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  1. mellephants

    Tennessee Knockout (CRAZY!)

    Nice! Saw you out there, I said "hi Zack" Here's my video from the race. How did you finish!? It was my first time, too. I was very excited and nervous coming into the race. I had tried to attend last year, but wound up backing out due to buying a new house that weekend. I told myself to take it easy, slow and careful in the first Knockout. I knew that just finishing strong without spending much time upside down, should be enough to get me to the next round. This was true, as I kept moving along despite several hangups, and avoided becoming one of the ~100 DNF's in that round. The top 125 of 220 would move on to the next round, and I finished around 104th I started Knockout #2 at a quicker pace than the first round. I felt good and felt I'd learned a lot in the first round that I could bring to the next. Turns out I also brought a bunch of fatigue from the first round. I wound up stuck on a rocky climb, and then simultaneously broke off my silencer, bent my shifter, and pissed my pants. After that, I was in survival mode and jetted back down the mountain at the next fire road. I have to say, I had a few points in this race where I wondered "why the hell am I doing this", but I definitely plan to return to finish this race stronger next year. My goal would be to make the big show on Sunday. I decided for the sake of time I would just timelapse the last 20 minutes or so of suffering. If I find the time, I should make a more amusing edit of said suffering...
  2. mellephants

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Right... worked on all kinds of other projects but ignored dirtbikes. What's wrong with me. This weekend first time I loaded up since I was at your house last. Ready to come back out, wonder if I could keep up on the 125. I think your stuff is mostly tight enough that it would do OK
  3. mellephants

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Yo, I finally fixed one of my bikes, and unlike indyrider, I did take some video this weekend I still haven't been out to any races this year, but I'm chomping to get after it soon!
  4. mellephants

    2002 YZ250 Suspension Setup

    I believe the next change I made was to increase sag in the rear, which helped balance the bike, then I just raced it the rest of the year like that.I think I have about 5mm preload in forks.
  5. Friend of mine putting some love into his YZ this winter
  6. mellephants

    Anyone ever broken this part?

    I had to get a new cylinder You probably have some loose PV parts. Have to pull jug to get that cover off, clean and reapply loctite and torque correctly. Replace anything that looks "too worn" New bolts don't hurt. My shaft is now loose in the cylinder, and I'm going to try to fix with a brass insert: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1043713-does-your-powervalve-linkage-cover-leak-oil/
  7. mellephants

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Got to ride with OP (YZ250FX) and Dustin (KTM300) Saturday. Great day, weather was not bad at all, and the trail was awesome as always. New section is great. Here's two looks at it. first lap second lap Thanks again for the invitation and hospitality
  8. I'll check it. Carb is leaking fuel whenever it is off right now so I ordered new needle and orings. Will start with that and checking float level, that stuff being bad would make it run weak down low too.
  9. I don't know the squish nor have I fiddled with the jetting, on the 125, yet. I think it should run stronger on bottom than it does. I am excited to tune this thing.
  10. I haven't had this motor apart yet (just put on a new piston when I got it). I'm interested in a 6 speed swap if it isn't too challenging or expensive. If I did start racing it I'm sure that'd be a nice thing to have. I wonder if the 5 speed transmissions are tougher or have any other advantage though? Some more about the bike: 2000 cylinder & head EG 144 with low-mid porting Modern CRF front brake Shock revalved by Matt Borgic at JM Racing (for light weight woods C rider) Stock forks but with relatively fresh seals & bushing Looked like this when the PO bought it IMG_20140322_190856 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr Then it looked like this while he raced it 20140719_30D_IMG_6106 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20140727_30D_IMG_6222 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr Now it has some hand-me-down plastics from my 250 on it. I'd like to get the two bikes set up very close to identically, wouldn't that be fun to swap back and forth Currently it gets ridden by me on occasion, usually when the 250 is down for maintenance or waiting for a part... and by bikeless friends when they come over and I convince them it'd be fun to ride. This photo was from a wet day, friend had a rough time with it :D
  11. Good point!! I bought this from a friend and really haven't ridden it much yet. Mostly just around the backyard, as seen in videos I don't think I have ever even had it in 5th so I had just assumed it was 6 speed, because some older 125's I had were 6 speed. Why did they go to 5? Silly weight savings or something I guess... http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/553757-2002-yz125-6-speed-conversion/ The bigger question is why haven't I gotten the right springs on that bike yet. It was set up for a 140lb rider and I'm 190lb. I have been thinking about putting the 09 YZ450F forks from my 250 onto the 125 (rate 0.41 -> 0.47), and swapping the rear spring to a spare I had from testing (4.4? -> 5.3). That change alone would probably make me comfortable enough to do some racing with it! It'd also give me a really great excuse to get some less-beat-up 06+ forks for the 250... it's only money, right?
  12. 6 speed 5 speed, 2002 YZ125. Not sure what the gearing is, but I'm in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The jump out into the yard is in 3rd, the log is in 1st, the creek jump is in 1st or 2nd, ... I just kind of snick it into whichever gear will keep the revs up, and try to keep the throttle open
  13. Sorry these are moving pictures Played with the 7D and 125 the past couple of days http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDeRbOHH7Fg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6dFVoQQ0l8
  14. mellephants

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    I took 10/30 in 250B, 163/312 OA in the 2016 GNCC Ironman PM bike race. 5 laps in 3;11;53. The course was a thing of beauty - perfect conditions, awesome weather, best dirt in the world, and a track layout that worked well for the number of riders that beat it to death over the weekend. I rode pretty well, outside of a few mistakes. One big mistake, at 1h01m29s, I took a spectator advice to hit the center of a mud hole, which landed me flat in the puddle. I was slippery and slow till I could stop for gloves and goggles. After pitting I rode well again for awhile. Near the end, after the white flag, I was so tired I had no business on the track. Being out of shape from having no time to work out I guess! Tried to stay out of the way from there till the checkers, and came out with an improvement from last year, and just barely squeaked out a trophy.
  15. mellephants

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    some photos from Ironman 20161030_7D_IMG_3081 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr the twin hills 20161030_7D_IMG_3135 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20161030_7D_IMG_3391 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20161030_7D_IMG_3404 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20161030_7D_IMG_3503 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20161030_7D_IMG_3513 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20161030_7D_IMG_3519 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20161030_7D_IMG_3522 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20161030_7D_IMG_3589 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr PM bike race! 20161030_7D_IMG_3797-2 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 68515008-DSC_2385 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr Grant Baylor took 3rd 20161030_7D_IMG_3809 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20161030_7D_IMG_3842 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr Looks like the creek before the ironman hill was a good show 20161030_7D_IMG_3859 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20161030_7D_IMG_3929 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr ironman hill... looks like Tilton, but with more people 20161030_7D_IMG_4007 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 20161030_7D_IMG_4067 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 68515007-OOM_9607 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 68515006-OOM_9194 by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr 14876675_1174984489222015_8230906123327988079_o by Matthew Ellermets, on Flickr