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  1. Another option you may consider is a Honda CRF230L. Although Honda only made the Crf230L for a few years, You can still find some around, or purchase a standard CRF230 and put the accessories needed to make it street legal, if your state allows that. The seat height is just 3" taller than the XT250 and TW200, but weighs in 42lbs less than the XT250 and 39lbs less than the TW200. I had a buddy who owned one of these bikes and while it wasn't the fastest bike (although would definitely be suitable for your 55mph commute), It had a fair amount of torque down low. Another nice thing about this bike for your applications is that it comes with a six speed gearbox so, you could potentially gear it differently to take advantage of the low gears on the trails and the high gears more for highway use. Lastly, the bike has a very reliable engine that will go as long if not longer than the bikes listed above. Yamaha also offers the ttr 230, which to my knowledge has never been sold in a street legal configuration from the factory, but I am sure it is just as easy to convert one as the CRF being that it is essentially a blue CRF, or vise versa. The TTR has .3" lower seat height, but is 2lbs heavier than the CRF, otherwise all other specifications are nearly identical. The two bikes both have right around 2 gal fuel tanks stock, and a ground clearance advantage over both the XT250 and TW200.
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys! The more I'm thinking about this, the more I'm thinking the Wr450 would be a great bike. The main reason being that I am not planning on doing a ton of street riding and the stuff I would be doing would be on back roads, not highways. Minnesota has pretty lenient laws when it comes to making bikes road legal. "For street-legal motorcycles: The headlight must be on at all times when riding. 169.974 subd. 5 (i) Motorcycles are required to have at least one, but not more than four headlights with both high and low beam. 169.49 (b) Headlight modulators are legal. FMVSS, Title 49, Part 571, Standard 108 A red or yellow tail light and stop lamp are required. 169.57 subd. 1 (a) (b) A blue dot on the tail light of up to one inch is legal. 169.64 subd. 4 (c) At least one brake is required, either front or rear, which may be operated by hand or foot. 169.67 subd. 2 A rear-view mirror and horn are required equipment. 169.974 subd. 3 (a) If the bike has a passenger seat, it must also have passenger footrests. 169.974 subd. 3 (a) The muffler shall blend the exhaust noise into the overall vehicle noise and the exhaust system shall not emit or produce a sharp popping or crackling sound. 169.69 The license plate must be securely fastened to prevent swinging; displayed horizontally or vertically with letters and numbers facing outward from the vehicle; and in an upright position. 169.79 subd. 3, 7 Motorcyclists may use hand signals. 169.19 subd. 7, 8 Turn signals must be visible 100 feet to the front and rear during daytime and nighttime. 169.57 subd. 2 " I think the Wr450 could easily be modified to fit all of these criteria besides possibly the exhaust.... The few things that still concern me are, 1. Is maintenance really as hard and tedious as people make it out to be? Or can I do the valve checks myself in our shop? What tools are required to do a standard valve check? Oil changes are not so much of an issue to me but tearing apart the engine frequently or sending it to a mechanic or dealer for maintenance is what I feel would get old/costly. 2. Are the 2007-11 bikes any good (reliability, performance, etc.)? In my price range they are all I can afford as the 2012 + versions are $1k or more past my budget. Also, what would be a good mileage to try to stay under when looking at used bikes? Obviously I will need to take the overall condition of the bike into play, but I am curious as to when these bikes are considered pretty worn out. Please commenting your opinions as it is greatly appreciated trying to make this decision! Thanks
  3. Hi there, Currently I own a 2005 Yamaha YZ125 and have owned it for the last 6 years. Before this bike, I owned a 2005 Honda CRF100f for 3 years and have rode numerous other bikes (Kawasaki KE100, Honda Crf250r, Honda Cr85r, Honda Cr125r, Yamaha yz80, Honda Cr80, Honda crf230f Kawasaki klx110, KTM 85, Yamaha Xt350, Kawasaki KX250f, Husqvarna te300i, Husqvarna te610 and a Honda CRF250L off the top of my head). I am by no means an advanced rider but I do feel as though I can carry a good pace and am faster than most of my friends, as long as we stay on the ground going around the edge of a cornfield or running ATV trails in northern MN, the second we get to a MX track, however, I whimp out and take it much more cautiously. Due to my lack of enjoyment in seriously racing/competing in MX events, I am deciding to explore other routes of "dirt bike" options. I am currently 19, and go to college, so riding will most likely only be available to me during the summer months (may-aug). At home I live on a farm that is located in a semi-rural area of central, Minnesota. Being I live where I do, there are no opportunities to ride a bike off-road besides on my property or friends properties that have trails cut into the woods, or trails that outline crop-fields. Most of our properties, however, do have small MX tracks built onto them and I occasionally do enjoy hitting the tracks, but as stated before, I am aggressive through the straight aways, moguls, and corners, but come the jumps, I only feel comfortable doubling them.... if that. Another style of riding I have done twice now and really enjoy is riding the ATV trails located in northern MN, specifically in the Ely region. If they had trails like these back home (even if they were just like the snowmobile trails, running through cornfields and ditches) id be in heaven. With that in mind, I am also looking at something that would be suitable to ride backroads and possibly even less traveled routes on pavement. More likely than not the bike would not see a freeway, so typical driving speed on "roads" would be kept under 70mph. The majority of the driving I would be doing would be commuting to and from friends houses and having fun driving through the twists and turns present on some of the backroads, paved and red rock. Currently I am 6' and weigh 185lbs but as we all know, the weight will go up with age.... Some previous experiences with the bikes I have road are, the YZ125, Crf250f, and Kx250F all had power to have fun with but even sometimes while racing around the edge of cornfields and going through the hilly portions I felt as though I was biting at the limits of what the bike had, this could be due to MX gearing but I am not sure. I liked the low end grunt the XT350 gave but the suspension was very poor and the engine seemed to be rev'ed out once we got onto some of the faster fire roads up north going 70mph or so. The CRF250L to me was a sloth, There was not much power anywhere throughout the whole range of the engine. It seemed as it would be best suited for a brand new rider or someone wanting a bike to travel around in a downtown setting where slow quick commutes are common. The te300i 2stroke was a definite power house and could get you into trouble if you overestimated your abilities. The Te610 was an absolute animal. Although I could ride the bike very fast, the rear tire would like to slide out around every corner due to the sheer amount of torque, also a bike that could get you into trouble real quick if you weren't smart. The bikes I am currently looking at are the Yamaha Wr250r, Honda Crf250L, Suzuki DRZ400s, Yamaha WR450f, and Honda CRF450x. I would absolutely love a Husqvarna fe350, fe450, or fe501, or a Beta 390 RR-S, but 1, they are nonexistent on the used market (at least around me) and 2, they are very expensive when it comes time to replace parts. Out of the bikes stated above, I would think either of the two 450's I would never feel as though I needed anything bigger, but I am worried that they would become more maintenance than I am wanting to deal with (short intervals between oil changes and valve resets). The CRF250L, although I have stated that I didn't care for it much initially, can be had at the best price through doing a little searching. I have also heard that there are mods to make the thing wake up but, I would most likely have to get the suspension changed as it non-adjustable and I dont know if it would be too soft for the riding I stated above. The Wr250r from the research I have done seems like it would suit what I am looking for best, but it still has some complications. First off, most, if not all, agree that the engine leaves much to be desired especially on the low end. The other major thing is that the stock suspension especially in the rear is not good at all. So, after figuring in re-valving/replacing the suspension on this bike I still dont know if id be satisfied with the power even if I did mods to the engine too. The Suzuki, on the other hand seems to have a big enough engine for what I'm looking for but, the suspension and lack of a 6th gear are what are really holding me back from that bike. If Yamaha made a Wr350r or wr450r, I think id have that in the shed right now, and I wouldn't be asking this question.... So, after hearing my complaints against each bike and reading the style of riding that I do, I will top it off with a budget of around $4k. This is with mods most likely or, if the bike is good enough stock mods may come with time and added money. The bikes I would be looking at would obviously be on the used market due to the low budget I have. If anyone has any suggestions on any of the bikes I have listed or other ones it would be much appreciated. Any other thoughts or comments would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
  4. Suspension would be pure crap compared to today and it would be much harder to keep up with today's 125s
  5. Hi guys I'm wondering if you guys think a crf 250r either a 2006 2007 or a 2008 or a yz 250f either a 2006 2007 or a 2008. As of right now I have a yz 125 but am strongly thinking of upgrading to a 250f I mainly ride on my small track but also trail ride. But also want to race at tracks age 14 gonna get bike when I turn 15 5'9 and around 150 lbs.
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