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  1. Thanks guys.... I have a 06 axle, spacers and nut ordered and on the way!!!
  2. Thanks FPmx'r.... I hope that's all it is. I guess I question the width of the 2014 triples. Not sure if there the same.
  3. I hate to get another thread going on this (it's got beat to death) but I need some help. I'm not going to get into the details of how I got to this point (it started with an 09 Kawi 450F fork) so I'll get straight to the point. I have a 05 YZ250 (325 big bore) with a 06 250F fork and 2014 YZ450F clamps. The clamps have been bored to 56mm and they have the correct stem. My question is this.... what axle and spacers should I be running? I've tried a few combos and can't get it right. Thanks sooooo much in advance for any help!!
  4. Okay.... I think I got it figured out after mind f'n myself for all day. I decided to look at a set of rims I had off my 2014 450F and noticed that the hub casting number matched the new hub I have been so confused about. I wish they'd just stamp the part number on them!!! So the hub is a 17D-25311-00-00 with a 42mm x 25mm bearing. I just so happen to have a set of Tusk spacers that step down the 25mm ID to the 22MM YZ250 axle size. So all I have to do is to buy the newer bearing kit, finish up the wheel build and I'm off and riding!!! Whewwwww, problem solved! Thanks guys for all your advise and please let me know if you see a problem with my solution!!
  5. Ya.... The seller listed is as 5ET hub but I'm pretty sure it's a 4EW-25311-00-00 hub for the pre 98 YZ250's. The bearings are identical on both sides and look like there 42mm. It was brand new and I paid my buddy to polish / clear coat it. Once I got it back I laced it up and went to throw the bearings in and damn!!! Lotta time invested into the wrong hub!!! It looks like it's gonna be to much of hassle to try to get it to work so I hope I can get my money back or an exchange. Then the process starts over again!!
  6. I bought the hub off a Honda dealer on ebay. The part number they listed for the hub was right (5ET-25311-00-00) but both bearing cups on this hub are the same size (42mm). The new bearing's I bought have 2 different size bearings (consistent with the newer hub) and even the smallest is to big (44mm is the small bearing on a newer hub). The pattern for the sprockets fits all the new bikes though (even my 14). The only marking on the hub reads 266R2W3. Sooooooooooooo confused!!!
  7. So I ordered up a new rear hub, rim, spoke kit and bearings for my 2005 YZ250. After lacing the wheel up I went put the bearings in and noticed that they where to big. Now I have come to find out that the brand new hub is from the earlier years (up to 98). Is there a 42mm bearing I can use that will fit my 22 mm axle?? The width of the hub seems the same so can order the bearings and run this rear wheel on my 05 (maybe with different spacers). I had the hub polished and it's laced to a new A60 so I hate to have to backtrack. Please help!!!! Thanks so much.
  8. DPC

    Heart rate/calorie monitoring

    I use a Garmin Fenix 3 for everything. It's pricey but is bombproof. It does everything for all sports and can be fully customized. Nice bar mount set ups for multiple bikes too.
  9. Thanks for the reply William..... Soooo funny cause "rev'n the bike in the garage" was exactly what I was doing (like we do!). I re-checked everything and put a new 45 pilot back in. I still had the backfiring so I dropped the 50 back in I did a 40 mile loop yesterday. The bike an perfectly. No backfiring on decel,very strong pull though all the gears and the snap from the AP mod I was looking for. I'll pull the plug tomorrow and get some internal feedback. Thanks again TT !!!
  10. So this is a great example of "if it's not broken don't mess with it!! I have an 07 450F that was running great, with no hesitation throughout it's power band. It recently was becoming a little hard to start on the occasion. The spark plug looked fine so I pulled the carb for a cleaning. While it was off I decided that I would do the AP mod because I had great results with the mod on my 426 (and as a suggestion from a mechanic friend). Once all back together the bike fired right up. Unfortunately it was backfiring on deceleration and stalling when I would give it a real quick crack of the throttle (didn't before the mod). My mechanic buddy who suggested the mod suggested bumping the pilot jet up two (from 45 to 50) which I did. This eliminated the backfiring and the bike seems to pull strong all the way through. The problem I'm still having is the stalling when I I give a real quick crack of the throttle. I know some people say "that's just what these bike do" and that you should roll on the throttle slowly. My problem with that is that it didn't do it before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dr D full system, 167 main, 50 pilot, AP mod, no changes to carb otherwise. I'm riding the Califorina coast at 0-1500ft attiltude and 50 - 80 temp. Thanks TT forum for your never ending wealth of knowledge!!!
  11. Thanks GR...... Your the man!!!
  12. Hey there TT crew..... Got a question that I haven't had any luck with. I picked a set of 2011 YZ450F stock wheels with tires, aftermarket rotors and sproket. I couldn't pass them up for $80 bucks considering the great shape they're in. My question is the compatibility with my 2002 YZ426F. It looks like the front will work but the back axle is a different size. Is their a way I can get them to work?? Thank soooo much for all the great advice. - Deal or no deal