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  1. Diggla117

    Who make shorty (2 finger) clutch levers?

    Ohhh ok. So What's the reason? Your fingers slipping off from rocking beat down grips? I've been rockin these for about 5 years now.
  2. Diggla117

    Who make shorty (2 finger) clutch levers?

    Just cut down some regular size ones and sand the edges smooth.. unless you like wasting $$ like that. ?
  3. Diggla117

    2011 won't start

    my buddy finally took this bike to another dealership. These guys tested the fuel pressure annddd said it was low (I don't remember the actual psi they stated it was) they ordered a new one and my buddy text me lastweek saying "SHE'S ALIVE!" hope this helps someone. Appreciate the input fellas
  4. Diggla117

    Timing chain jumped?

    ok. Appreciate. I'm gonna split the cases, clean it out and inspect everything next weekend most likely.
  5. Diggla117

    Timing chain jumped?

    I'm not sure about the springs. Appreciate the input shawn. Nah no recent shim job. I was running it hard, opening it up but damn...
  6. Diggla117

    Timing chain jumped?

    The cam seems to be fine also... hmm
  7. Diggla117

    Timing chain jumped?

    I think they're fine
  8. Diggla117

    Timing chain jumped?

    cool deal man I'll check it out. And fast heads did all the head work. I just bolted her up
  9. Diggla117

    Timing chain jumped?

    Mcct. I had it set tight enough that I could be rely move the other side when I pushed on it.. I'm gonna compare the cams tomorrow and see what I can figure out. Less than 50 hours on a fresh motor..
  10. Diggla117

    Timing chain jumped?

    I'm guessing the piston tried to flip when if hit the valves and busted the cylinder
  11. Diggla117

    Timing chain jumped?

    The motor was locked up from the whole piston meeting the valves issue.. couldn't really check the timing. I ended up cutting the cam chain to remove the top half.The bottom half seems to be moving freely. Guess I also need to find somewhere that can balance this crank or try to atleast.
  12. Diggla117

    Timing chain jumped?

    Dude I cranked it up and rode around while my buddy got his bike started and then we were not even out a mile and clank clank clank... I guess I'll compare this cam to my old one and see if the lobes are at a different angle. Is there any other way to tell if the cam gear slipped? I'm pretty sure it happened when I let off for a sec to up shift
  13. Diggla117

    Timing chain jumped?

    I have a 06 450r that I completely built a year or so back. The bike has a 13.5 piston, ti valves, stage 2 cam, new timing chain and manual timing chain tensioner. I didn't have the cam chain stupid tight (didn't want it to break ) but it was definitely tight. I'm trying to figure out how this happened so i can prevent it from happening again. Any ideas are appreciated!
  14. Diggla117

    How to Break In New Bike

    PIN IT!
  15. Diggla117