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  1. Hondaracing915g

    2012 CRF250 Left over

    Bummer! Hello again Thumpertalk, boy this site has changed since I last logged on in 2006! I'm back in the market for another CRF250, if anyone knows a good used CRF250R for sale in the tri-state since it looks like all the '12/13s are out, please PM.
  2. Hondaracing915g

    first major crash

    Man, that stinks, hope everything heals up well, could have been much worse.
  3. Hondaracing915g

    Lost Trails Pocono

    I might be heading out there sometime soon.
  4. Hondaracing915g


    aha yeah, probaly the stupidest thread on TT at the moment.
  5. Hondaracing915g

    What do 15 year olds ride?

    I got my 250X before i turned 15. I could handle it, just stooping it was alittle difficult 'caused I'd have to hop off, still kinda do. "lol"
  6. Hondaracing915g

    New ATV Park Mount Pocono, PA????

    Who knows at this point...
  7. Hondaracing915g

    Rebuild Update!

    Sounds sweet, good to hear everything went problem free. Give an update after your actual ride with the new mods.
  8. Hondaracing915g

    CRF250R,, is it right For Me??

    I don't see why not, if you handled the 150 fine. I came straight off my xr100 to a 250x without a problem over a year ago. You just have to get used to it.
  9. Hondaracing915g

    Ashley Fiolek in Men's Motocross?

    That would be pretty cool if she stepped it up and tried getting into the pro mens classes. Ashley's pretty sweet.
  10. Hondaracing915g

    Dual Sport Helmet

    Shoei makes one as well. It is on their homepage.
  11. Hondaracing915g

    MX park

    Looks that way. The link on their homepage doesn't work for the log homes so i'll try searching for them on google.
  12. Hondaracing915g

    MX park

    That is sweet!
  13. Hondaracing915g

    OTD Prices?

    I tried all those websites & a couple other I know (pompton honda, bobscycle, rt. 15honda) but do you guys know any other dealers that carry Honda dirtbikes in PA, NY, NJ area? I'm looking for a 06 or 07 CRF250R. Thanks.
  14. Hondaracing915g


    Any of you use your 250R for harescramble racing?
  15. Hondaracing915g

    Difference from an '04 to '07.

    Thank you Ramz and sweep. Didn't even notice that comparison page on your site, sorry.