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  1. slowgs2001

    Peick Injury

    Awesome.. I totally agree. F**k Obama and his health care bill
  2. slowgs2001

    Paris Supercross

    And you're like a woman who has to have the last word. Hahahhaa. Joking. Had to say it. It was too easy
  3. slowgs2001

    Paris Supercross

    In my day, I made plenty night shows buddy.. From 2004-2007
  4. slowgs2001

    Paris Supercross

    Here is a whole compilation for you buddy. Like I said. Second tier
  5. slowgs2001

    Paris Supercross

    Lame. Jason Ander queer racing a bunch of second tier supercross racers.. Eli would have shoved his foot right up Andersons ass.
  6. slowgs2001

    To all the Tomac Fan Boys

    Iv already won 2 years in a row.. It's a stupid bet for the person taking the field.. Youre stupid as hell if you think Tomac isn't the man to beat..
  7. slowgs2001

    Tickle Suspended

    I hope to God, you are being funny.. Crosssfit is complete shit. The easiest way to destroy shoulders and lower back
  8. slowgs2001

    Condolences to the Villopoto Family

    To Ryan, his wife, his sister, and his mother.. The Thumper Talk family send their condolences. Rest In Peace Dan
  9. slowgs2001

    2019 SX Champ

    Yeah, I'll make sure to let everyone know how much of a bitch Anderson is, after Tomac rips that number 1 off that husky
  10. slowgs2001

    2019 SX Champ

    Sure.. Tomac, can pull away from Anderson with ease.. Anderson can't run tomacs pace.. Never will
  11. slowgs2001

    Grampa Earl

    Superb video..thabks fry. Where you been dude
  12. slowgs2001

    Red Bull Straight Rhythm

    WTF? 310? OMG rules went out the window long ago didn't they?
  13. slowgs2001

    Red Bull Straight Rhythm

    Totally agree. They are so competitive still
  14. slowgs2001

    Red Bull Straight Rhythm

    Villopoto was so freaking fast for not having factory Yamaha wrenching for him. Just good ol dad. Dungey on the other hand had the while damn ktm family there