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  1. GasitandCrash

    What brand is this piston?

  2. GasitandCrash

    Radiator for 2001 300EXC

    Depending on where and how it is damaged you might be able to repair it with JB weld, well enough to run it, till you get a replacement. I did that on my 2006 300xcw and never put the new radiators on since the temporary JB weld fix has not failed yet with 100+ hours on it. YMMV Good Luck Bruce
  3. GasitandCrash

    2006 300 xcw

    Howdy I have a 06 as well and unless I pick up a whole bunch of new skill this bike does everything I would ever want in spades. The question is definitely one of diminishing returns. I can't see that I would notice the better stuff mentioned in the previous post $10,000 worth. I might notice and say wow this is a cool bike, but then I'd jump back on my 2006 and take the $10,000 and run! Good Luck
  4. GasitandCrash

    My new to me 200 has a thermostat?

    Howdy If you remove the thermostat there is a chance of, for lack of a better word, "over-cooling". If you have the engine at operating temperature and then reduce the throttle for a period of time, the engine will not be putting out much heat and the cooling system is still dumping heat at the same rate it was when the engine was at a higher throttle setting. The coolant coming from the radiator into the engine will be relatively cold, compared to when the engine was at a higher throttle setting. That coolant may cool the cylinder fast enough to cause a seizure at worst and at best excessive piston wear. With the thermostat installed and working properly, when the engine's heat output decreases the thermostat begins to close and reduces the coolant flow. The thermostat opens and closes automatically, right around its rated temperature. As a result, the engine does not experience wide temperature ranges. Instead, the engine is kept a fairly stable temperature regardless of load up to the point the cooling can't dump any more heat. That's when you surrounded by that massive steam cloud. So keep the thermostat, your engine will thank you. Good Luck
  5. GasitandCrash

    300 exc super rich midrange when motor is cold only.

    Howdy You might be better served by cleaning the carb, checking the float level, cleaning the seating area where the float needle seats, clean or replace the needle valve. A properly adjusted needle valve should not leak while the bike is on a side stand, or center stand or otherwise stored on a fairly level surface. Good Luck
  6. GasitandCrash

    300 exc super rich midrange when motor is cold only.

    Howdy Could be a slow fuel leak. If you leave the fuel petcock on or if the petcock does not seal properly, fuel could slowly leak past the float valve and into the intake. A slow enough leak will allow the fuel in the fuel oil mixture to evaporate leaving the oil to pool in the intake. After you start the cold bike, the velocity of the fuel/air mixture through the intake at lower RPMs is not enough to disturb the oil to any great extent. BUT when you operate the bike in midrange the increased velocity of the fuel/air mixture is enough to pick up the standing oil, increasing the oil in the fuel/oil mix which causes the bike to smoke. The longer the bike sits with the engine off should result in more oil in the intake and more smoke. Have you noticed any correlation between the amount of time the bike has been sitting cold and duration/intensity of the smoke cloud? If the suspected leak gets worse, not all the fuel will evaporate and you will have a really oil rich mixture in the intake and engine which will make the bike hard to start and easily flooded during the start ritual. Good Luck
  7. GasitandCrash

    Improve sound quality for budget cameras?

    Howdy IF you are going to cut holes in the back cover for sound or use the back cover that has slots cut in them for sound, then before you close the cover stretch a piece of "Saranwrap" or it's like, between the case and the back cover. You should use enough to go over the sides, so when the back cover is closed it forms a 360-degree seal on the "Saranwrap" That will keep dust and moisture from getting into the camera case, yet still allow sound to get to the microphone. Good Luck
  8. GasitandCrash

    Nothing at all from starter

    Sounds like you have a bad cell or two in the lithium battery. If I understand correctly, you tested the stock battery disconnected from the system and came up with 12.45vdc. You then tested the lithium battery, which had been sitting for a period of time, and came up with 9.53vdc. Then you started the bike and while the engine was running you tested the voltage on the lithium battery and got 14.60vdc Then you turned the bike off and almost immediately tested the lithium battery again and got 13.39vdc. If that is indeed the case, then you have one or two bad cells in the lithium battery. The bad cell won't hold a charge, so if it's been sitting for a while it will drain down resulting in the low voltage. When you crank the bike up, the bad cell starts to or completely charges to its capacity. When you then test the bike right after shutting it down the bad cell would have only started to lose its charge. So you get an almost fully charged value. Now if you test the battery again after letting the bike sit for a while and it still holds a charge, then everything written above is worthless bullshjt. Good Luck
  9. GasitandCrash

    Nothing at all from starter

    There should be around 4 connections on the rectifier. Two will come from the alternator. Us a multimeter set to AC and test across those two contacts. Note the voltage at the RPM that gives a good headlight. Then set the multimeter to DC, and test across the two connections that go to the battery. At the RPMs that give a good headlight if the rectifier is working properly, the voltage should be between 12vdc and 14vdc. If not then the rectifier could be bad. Additionally, check if there is a fuse between the battery and the rectifier. If the fuse has failed, replace it and test again. If the fuse fails again, you might have a short on the battery side of the rectifier. Good Luck
  10. GasitandCrash

    Nothing at all from starter

    Since I don't have a schematic, I can't be specific, so generally, if the light is bright, or normal brightness, it means that the alternator is producing voltage and current. I would start checking the wiring from the battery to its connection to the charging system. If you have a rectifier, AND the light is powered by the alternating current from the alternator, that I would suspect a bad rectifier. Good Luck
  11. GasitandCrash

    Nothing at all from starter

    If you have a horn or a headlight, start the bike and rev the bike up to a cruising rpm and hit the horn, or turn on the headlight. If the horn is quiet or the headlight is dim, then the charging system is not working.
  12. GasitandCrash

    Navigation, what are you using for the back country?

    I have a Garmin 76CS, but I have difficulty correlating what was on the GPS with a paper map. When I zoomed in on my position I would lose the landmarks I could discern on the paper map. When I zoomed out I would lose an accurate depiction of my position. It didn't seem to be a much of a problem until I came to a place where 2 pairs of trails converged on to the trail I was on so I had 4 trails to chose from. The trails weren't used very often and were unmarked. So with the small screen, I was unable to tell which trail was which. With the tablet and with the Avenza app I am able to actually see my position depicted on the same map as the paper map in my hand. Though it could be my map reading skill suck and my eyesight is bad. Good Luck
  13. GasitandCrash

    Navigation, what are you using for the back country?

    Howdy, I'm using Avenza Maps on an android tablet. Works great where I ride in Idaho.
  14. GasitandCrash

    Is there a way to de-tune a 300?

    Till it hits 5th, then HANG ON!! WOOOO WEEEEEE!! As far as lugging it. Listen to Graham Jarvis riding extreme enduro. He is always a gear higher than you think someone that fast would be in. The only time he revs it is for BIG uphills
  15. GasitandCrash

    Engine Seized

    Howdy, It could be that the float got stuck after the first start and you ended up with a hydraulic lock. Might be unlikely, but it is plausible. Good Luck