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  1. NW_drZ

    To tune or not to tune?

    I believe EVO in Mill Creak services Sachs now.. Thats not too far for you. Im not sure if he revalves them or not though. Revalve and correct springs made a big difference on my 250RR.
  2. NW_drZ

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    Any of you dudes hitting walker tomorrow?!
  3. NW_drZ

    Beta quality slipping?

    While riding Walker Valley today (tech NW stuff) I was thinking to myself how much I like my OC Sachs. With the correct springs and Steve’s revalve they are really good. He also anodized my warrantied tubes for me. Total price for that and a fork and shock revalve was very good. Much cheaper than what some spend on here for suspension swaps.
  4. Just got a 232, can’t wait to test it out in the NW gnar. The 120 is skinnier than I expected, especially compared to the 120 333. It’s about the same width as my 110 IRC VE33. It is a tall tire however. I’ve been running the GT fatty for a while. I tried the shinko 216 copy and the side knobs started chunking quick. Also was 1.8lbs heavier. Won’t be going back to that tire.
  5. NW_drZ

    Rekluse engagement points.

    I almost never use first gear in the PNW tech stuff. The first gear on my 250rr is so low, second will pull up relatively easy. On the occasional pivot turn I may drop to first. Keep in mind I’m not saying I get more power with using the clutch lever, I just get more controlled power. This is particular handy when running a gear tall, which I do. I also find this less fatiguing than trying to control the power in 1st. On a 300, I don’t think I’d ever use first. Again this is just how I ride.
  6. NW_drZ

    Rekluse engagement points.

    Sure, and I can power wheelie a 250F in first gear without the clutch lever if I want to too.. Speaking at least for myself with a rekluse, Id never be able to run hard enduro type terrain clean without the ability to modulate my clutch lever outside of what the rekluse can do. When snapping up or over something from a stand still, I prefer to compress the suspension, load the rpms a bit and modulate the lever to pop up (generally in second gear if possible). I find that much more controlled than using no clutch in 1st gear. With the limp lever of the Z-start, I don't find this as easy as I do with the Core and CX.
  7. NW_drZ

    Rekluse engagement points.

    For me the Rekluse can't always modulate power (both on and off) like my hand right off idle. A good example of this is when you are at low rpms and you load the motor fast and drop the clutch to snap up a step up at almost a stand still. Basically a trials style technique. What I like about the Core and CX is you maintain a full lever control at all times. The limp lever off idle with the Z start is what I don't like.
  8. NW_drZ

    15 250rr or 16 300 rr-racing

    Bump up to a 51. It will help. That was one of the first things I did. My motor is completely stock and it pulls hard. If I’m not mistaken don’t you have a RK TEK head on yours?
  9. NW_drZ

    15 250rr or 16 300 rr-racing

    At your size man id stick with the 250. I got around 30lbs on you and never need more grunt in the gnarliest stuff at Walker. What size rear sprocket are you running? For me i find the 300 more tiring in the tighter stuff. It also feels heavier in motion.
  10. NW_drZ

    Rekluse engagement points.

    Agree that it depends on the Rekluse model. The CX for example hooks up harder and faster in stock form than the Core. My experience is with the Core 3. The Z start pro for me is my least favorite. Not by design, as I know they are bullet proof, but because of the lack of lever control at low Rs. Wouldn’t bother me as much on a big bore but on a 250 2 stroke I still need to modulate the lever just off idle in a lot of gnar situations.
  11. NW_drZ

    Fork bleeder question on the Beta...

    Almost certain they would. I got the bleeders from Beta USA and a set of Zetas for a CRF (which were half the price). I like the Zetas more. Zero tools required to install them. They have a knurled surface you just tighten hand tight with your fingers.
  12. NW_drZ

    walker valley tires

    I asked GT a similar question recently. I asked their opinion on whether they would suggest a 110 and 120 for the PNW tech. I mentioned that my bike was a 250rr. He suggested either the 333 or 232 in a 120 for our riding.
  13. NW_drZ

    walker valley tires

    The 525 does good in the slow stuff at Walker, but is not my favorite when speed picks up. Fortunately most things are slow going there. I just ordered up a GT232 and will report back. My buddy has ran the 333 and is running the 232 now. Says both are fantastic. Sounds like the 232 may be his favorite rear so far.
  14. NW_drZ

    Walker Valley Toughest Trails

    i agree scott. there was a kid on a 125 last week that was going back and forth down the main road. his bike actually hurt my ears it was so loud
  15. NW_drZ

    Walker Valley Toughest Trails

    There is a few trails in the same area as 5 miles that are even worse. If you attempt that backwards you better hope it’s completely dry out.