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  1. Did you go with the 546 or the 216MX? I think the 216 is suppose to be closer to being a direct knock off.
  2. Will you come up to western WA so I can ride your bike?!
  3. God damn I wish I could add a 390 to the shop. She would be perfect next to my 17' 250RR.
  4. Also when you back bleed make sure you are opening the bleeder valve enough. Sounds simple but this has happened to me. I was being met with resistance when trying to push the syringe in and force the fluid up. I discovered that I wasn't opening the bleeder valve enough. I noticed I had to open it more than when I pump fluid from the top down. Anyways just a thought.
  5. Full report required....
  6. He only revalved your forks not your shock? I didn't know he was going Sachs suspension. May have to give him a call. So you would say it's a big improvement over stock? I already have put stiffer springs in for my weight. However I still find the initial stroke a bit harsh on the forks.
  7. How did that go with konflict? I had Alex service my yz250fx a while back and he did a great job. Super nice guy. What did you have him do on the Beta? I was thinking of getting a revalve through LTR this winter, but would entertain konflict if he is dialing in the sachs.
  8. As firefighter mentioned get ahold of Frank. I expressed similar interest in testing the 390 recently with him. Bought a 250RR from him a few months ago and it's been great. He is a super cool dude and is very friendly. I would love something like a 390 for a more dual sport type bike and that's why I brought it up.
  9. Have you tried moving the engagement point closer to the bars (with the preload rod) and tested that? You mentioned you adjusted the lever all the way out. Doing that will cause the engagement to start later in the release.
  10. I have the same EE braces. I wish they would have put a cross bar across the middle. Not just the top and bottom. Simple thing to help from the mid side impacts. Don't have any suggestions for better ones unfortunately as my experience only lies with these and the Beta.
  11. And you are positive your clutch is fully engaging when the lever is all the way out? First thing that came to mind was adjusting the clutch lever preload rod to make the engagement point closer to the bars
  12. Saw the 120 and 110 in person today. The 120 is noticeably taller and a bit wider. One thing that caught me off guard with them was how heavy they both were. By far the heaviest tire I have ever felt. If I go with one on my next tire change it will be the 110.
  13. Have you ran / felt the VE33? It's got very gummy knobs considering it's been around forever. Not to say it's as "soft" as the modern gummies, but the knobs / compound is definitely on the soft side. The carcass is also soft and flattens out easily. This is with almost no effort.
  14. Next ride Willy hop on my 250RR and get a feel for it. I think it will have the grunt and pull you are after. The bike definitely likes to rev and pulls hard through the rpm range.
  15. Also use to run the VE33 solely and really liked that tire. Switched to the M5B the last few tire changes but and thinking of going back to the VE33 for the wet rooty winter here in PNW. Also contemplating the Shinko Cheater. NEGbrap what size VE33 did you get? I ran the 110's on my old 250F's but am thinking of going to 5.10 and tubliss this time for the 250RR.. Let me know what you think of the tire and what tire pressure you land on with the tubliss and it.