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  1. Thanks again Marty. All worked out and she is running fine.
  2. I did using a 1/4" socket extension. But I don't believe it moved. Or perhaps that's when I heard the click? I just didn't think pushing on it would do much since it took so much force to adjust the piston back to the 1mm setting while it was out of the motor. My piston did spin within the bolt housing with ease. But surprised by how much force I had to use to move it out or in.

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    Selling a pair of Leatt X-Frame size small knee braces. Sizing didn't work for me. Only wore them one time for an hour, so pretty much new. I have everything that came with the braces. Didn't wear the knee brace socks that came with them. I have the item listed on Ebay right now. But willing to sell it cheaper on here to avoid the fees. Asking $340 and I will ship it to anywhere in the lower 48 for free. Any questions, please ask.


  4. Just adjusted my valves on my 2017 390. But when it came to the cam chain tensioner, the service manual was not the very clear on how to set it. I also never messed with a hydraulic tensioner before too. I had to use a good amount of force to reset the tensioner length to the 1mm as the manual stated. I then inserted the spring and tightened down the outer bolt. I did hear a click. But not sure if I was to do anything before tightening down the spring? Any input?
  5. Wish you would have asked this yesterday. Had mine a part and double checked my connection. Would have taken pictures. But yes, this does connect on your bike. It runs down the left side (while sitting on it). You connect the ground wire to a screw holding some small box on the left side of the frame right behind the radiator . The other wire connects to the wire harness that is tucked in under the cross bar. Probable have to cut some of the zip ties holding the current wire harness on the bike to get access to it. And the only reason I double checked the connection on mine is i didn't notice a difference on the map switch. Mine was connected properly. So probably not worth connecting IMO.
  6. Correct. Well that is the 4 stroke version. Okay. Thanks.
  7. I have a 2017 390 rr-s. Bought odi lock on grips from Rocky mountain atv. The web site said the 4 stroke version of the grips would fit. None of the cams in the 4 stroke kit are even close to the right one. So I tried the two stroke version since the throttle assembly on the bike is similar to 2 stroke bikes. It comes with 2 cams (C and D). Cam C is close, but doesn't fit. Anyone know if ODI does make a cam to work with the 4 stroke beta?
  8. This is the part you are referring too. I know it says 2018 and 2014, but it will fit your bike. It is slightly bigger resulting in a easier clutch pull. I was planning on buying it for my 2017 to help with the clutch pull. This video explains it:
  9. Not sure if this is in the vid above, but another mod for Beta's to lighten the clutch pull a bit.
  10. I use this on my '17 390. Fits fine around the grab handles. But I'd say 95% of the time, I use the grab handles over the strap.
  11. I just wanted to post this information given to me straight from Ron at Beta USA since I couldn't find it anywhere else in the manual...ect. Hopefully this helps people in the future and makes it easier to find. Like posted in other threads in this forum, this procedure will help if riding in a different location than usual(elevation/ temperature changes...ect). This procedure can also help if you bike all of a sudden has a hanging idle issue. (For four stroke FI models). Stepper Motor Reset Instructions: 1) Bike ignition is off and engine temperature is BELOW 170 degrees Fahrenheit. 2) Turn on the bike's ignition and start the bike. At no point during this process, should you touch the throttle! 3) Let the bike engine temperature get up to at least 215 degrees Fahrenheit. (Fan may also come on. This is okay). 4) Turn off ignition (Reset has been performed).
  12. Not just in motorcycles, but I believe it's hard to find good customer service in almost any industry these days. I just went through the lemon law process with my Ford F-150. It was a nightmare! (I have no luck with new vehicles over the past 2 years, lol) But from my experience so far, the biggest downfall of Beta in the US is the limited knowledge among some of these(very limited) dealers and the ability to get a part the same day if you go to a dealer. They also make it harder by limiting the amount of people who have access to the Beta software IMO. If I could buy the cable and software for $150 or so and perform the rest myself, I wouldn't be as pissed off (and if you didn't read prior posts, the manual rested of the stepper motor did not work). In the end, my issues should have been resolved at the first dealer the day I brought it in. It wasn't an engine failure or something catastrophic. But it took 3 weeks, me driving over 15 hours, cost me over $1200 and me losing my vacation days for my bike to get fixed. Maybe I'm just unlucky. But I'm thinking of limiting my chances of bad luck in the future by selling the bike.
  13. Ha. Dealer just contacted me and said the bike is ready. Replaced speed sensor cable (other issue it was in for) and did a rest on the stepper motor using the software (apparently solved the issue). So 3 weeks and two Beta dealers just to do a reset on the stepper motor....WTF!
  14. Tomorrow, the bike will be at the local dealer for 3 weeks now! This is beyond frustrating. First, my trip was ruined and cost me a ton of money. Now I've been without a bike for 3 weeks. I was informed the dealer is having issues with the software.... So I guess it is great to have a one year warranty (haha), but no good if they can't fix the damn thing. I think I'm going to be a believer of "simpler is better" route now. No more FI for me on dirt bikes.
  15. Do you know what sensor was cleaned and where it was?