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  1. Do you know what sensor was cleaned and where it was?
  2. One of the first things I checked. Even took off the cover where the cable attaches to the TPS just to be sure.
  3. Yeah, did the reset when on the trail. No help. Another dealer told me to disconnect the batter cables, wait 5 seconds and then touch them together to clear out any charge left in the system (didn't work). Bike has 23 hours on it. Only rode for maybe 4-6 hours or so on the trip. Only mod was the 3 gal tank that the dealer installed. Had a leak there previously, but fixed that. And had a couple falls, but nothing major. It was all in muddy slop at slow speed.
  4. In hope of saving the trip, there was one Beta dealer in Colorado that was a total help and almost help saved my trip. Sean at Mountain Tech Motorsports in Buena Vista took me in right away even though he was swamped. He took the time to go through everything the best he could trying several different solutions. Then he started to have software issues and eventually was unable to connect the computer to my bike. I think we came down to the TPS or the stepper motor. What sucks is he told me that Beta would not pay for his time to look at my bike because he did not resolve the issue. What total BS! So I drove all the way back to crappy Illinois and dropped it off at my dealer here today. Talk about a vacation I want to forget about. Screwed out of my time and my condo rental money. And no bike to ride!
  5. Well, still didn't figure it out. But it looks like I'm leaking fuel from the injector (if that is the part i took a picture of). Not sure if this is this problem, or just another issue.
  6. When it starts, the RPMs jump up, but then comes back down and idles fine. But if I rev it, the RPMs hang up again and eventually come back down. I will check the air boot and tps tomorrow.
  7. All good. Yeah, 2017 390 RR-S. I don't think it is the cable. I messed with it a bit on the trail to no avail. I will double check the other end though where it attaches to the throttle body.
  8. On a trip in Colorado with very limited internet access. So I can't search for this topic/ issue. Bike: 2017 390 RR-S But this issue just started today. While riding, the rpm' s won't come down. The bike basically will continue to accelerate or hold speed when you let off the throttle. Sometime, the bike will also idle very high, but eventually come back down after a few seconds. But if I rec the bike, the same issue occurs again. Not sure what to do. Tries to let the bike just idle for 5 mins, and it didn't help. Pretty much screwed right now since I'm only on day 2 of the trip...
  9. FYI, there are a few other sites that sell Beta parts other than Beta. Think I bought my BPD guards from (also known as (Use discount code "Betariders" for 10% off) (known as Sierra Motorcycle Supply) and Rocky Mountain ATV will have some limited items
  10. Not sure what this did, but I have full range of the high speed compression knob again. Thanks!
  11. Thanks!
  12. Adjusting my suspension yesterday and might have found an issue? While adjusting the high speed compression adjustment on the shock, I could only get it to click 9 times(from fully closed). And to get it fully closed was a pain in the ass(hard to turn). The manual states there should be a total of 18 compression clicks. Can anyone else confirm with a 2017 RR-S if they have the same issue? Perhaps the manual is wrong? Thanks, Neil
  13. White Rim Trail and Gemini Bridge
  14. White Rim Trail (Moab)
  15. IMO, radiator guards would be probable #1. I have the Bullet Proof Design ones and they saved my ass for sure this past weekend. Broke the plastics still. But the radiators almost always take a hit when you fall.