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  1. MudBug20

    Those Tusk wheels are pretty sweet

    I have a Tusk 18" in black on my 01, I do pretty much nothing but woods ride (mud, rocks, streams) and the powder coating on the rim is very tough. There is little to no visible damage on the rim. I very happy with it and would order another in a heart beat!
  2. MudBug20

    1999 kx250 expansion chamber differences.

    Awesome, thanks man
  3. MudBug20

    1999 kx250 expansion chamber differences.

    Will the zuki needle mod work on a 01?
  4. MudBug20

    Help learning to Jump

    thats great advice. on top of that start small and get comfortable, get to where you can control your bike and keep going bigger. I'm a weekend rider my self and am working on this also.
  5. MudBug20

    What did you do to your 250F today?

    Changed my oil, coolant and replaced my filter. Runs really well since the rebuild.
  6. MudBug20

    06 yz250f rebuilt and now wont start

    Ya man he is right. As you know I have been battling my motor do to my own dumb luck and not running a skid.. I have one now and the bike runs great! New intake valves, cylinder and piston later..... It was a long two months but worth it to do it right I guess. .063 is super loose isn't it? Glad you caught it all before it was way worse man! Good luck!
  7. MudBug20


    How did you make them?
  8. X2 that's why I haven't bought one either
  9. MudBug20

    06 yz250f rebuilt and now wont start

    Yes the recall had already been done the stamp was right where they said it was. Good to hear it's just the bolt on your bike I love it when you think an expensive or time consuming fix ends up being a simple fix!!!
  10. MudBug20

    06 yz250f rebuilt and now wont start

    Well got the motor all back together. Filled with oil new plug and it fired right up second kick. Idled for a sec and died. Kicked again first kick fired up and died. Another kick fired up and idled and stayed running!!! I'll finish putting it all back together tomorrow run it for a few change the oil and the coolant recheck everything out and run it! Thanks for all the help guys!
  11. .10-.15mm intake .17-.21mm? Exhaust I might be wrong on the exhaust side I'm going from memory here
  12. MudBug20

    06 yz250f rebuilt and now wont start

    I'll call them and see what or they will do anything for me. I'm not counting on it.
  13. MudBug20

    I BROUGHT A 450!

    Oh my this is classic!!! Hahahahaha
  14. MudBug20

    06 yz250f rebuilt and now wont start

    I miss snowboarding as I grew up in New Hampshire and plan on settling back up that way here soon. My valves and spring shipped yesterday so they will be here soon!