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  1. A fearful person dies a thousand deaths, a brave one dies but once. Fear is destructive, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't calculate risk/reward ratios and make our own decisions, and remember ultimately we will lose EVERYTHING that we cherish on this earth. This is why it is so important to live bold and support each other. I think this forum is doing just that.
  2. bluestragler

    XR 400 Smokes - need advice.

    A bit of smoke doesn't necessarily mean less realiability, but do check it out. If it's just normal wear you can bring the motor back to specs or live with it. I've seen XR's smoke for years of reliable service.
  3. bluestragler

    What other year gas tanks will fit on an 87 xr100r?

    I've got an '87 XR80 tank on my sons '99 XR100, so I'm fairly sure your good all the way to '99 using XR80 or XR100.
  4. bluestragler

    Conversion Chassis Value?

    I've been seeing complete bikes in that cataegory going for $1000 or less, so my guess would be around $400-500, but someone itching to do the project may give you more.
  5. bluestragler

    Roost anybody?

    This is my youngest (10 yrs) trying his hardest to learn to out corner us all.
  6. bluestragler

    Texas Creek!

    That is definitely more snow than I would have expected after being in the 50's & windy. Oh well, it just works different riding skills.
  7. bluestragler

    87 XR200R compression release

    I simply removed the compression release cable on both my XR200's and left the head alone. They work fine without the release.
  8. bluestragler

    Texas Creek Conditions for 11/19?

    Did you go? How was it?
  9. bluestragler

    CR80 seat height

    Don't be too hasty in modifying the seat height. My 10 yr old son was worried about seat height on his newly aquired CR80 as well. Now I can hardly get him back on the XR100! Given time & encouragment kids will adapt. Check it out:
  10. bluestragler

    Texas Creek Conditions for 11/19?

    I live near Canon City & we have had warm temps & no snow for a while, so you should be fine at TC. There may be a bit of slick stuff in the shaded timber areas but no big deal, it just adds to the fun. Make sure you have a sticker or are plated & have a legal spark arrester, becasue the rangers check riders on a regular basis. There's some good riding up there. Have fun.
  11. bluestragler

    XR250R won't start after being dropped in water, help.

    My oldest son did the same thing, but we had it started within about half an hour with no damage. I would do a compression test to see if you're losing compression through valves, piston rings, or both. If it's just valves you most likely have a bent valve and may get away with just a valve replacement. Make sure your compression release isn't a problem too. If the compression turns out fine, then try using some starting fluid to get it fired up.
  12. bluestragler

    91 or 93?

    '91 has more travel and an adjustable, as well as rebuilbable rear shock with gas resevoir. The '91 is a much better bike.
  13. bluestragler

    Texas Creek snow?

    You need an off road sticker or license plate, and a spark arrester. I've been checked 5 of 8 times by rangers up there. It's a nice area, especially if you can go weekdays when the ATV's are gone.
  14. bluestragler

    2001 XR200 Shifting problems

    My '91 XR200 was behaving the same way and it was just a worn shift star. Easy fix it that's what it is.
  15. bluestragler

    1990 XR200, A Good year?

    If you're planning to do easy field riding (no big jumping), you'll be fine, and then if you decide to move up, the XR200 has good resale. It's a great trainer! For the price I'd go for the XR200, and remember this is a great time to be the buyer, so you should be able to talk the bike down at least $150 unless its primo. I believe the 230 has electric start, but the E button is over rated unless you have a bad knee, hip or are just a whimp (just kidding). Have fun!!