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  1. Mavrick14

    2005 CRF450R - Fuel problem? Can not start

    Was a fouled spark plug! I replaced the plug with an NGK IFR811 and she started right up first kick, no more bog either! Previous owner's starting method of 6 twists of the throttle - absolutely unnecessary. Ended up settling on 1.5 turns out on mixture screw and idled it down to what sounds about right.
  2. Mavrick14

    2005 CRF450R - Fuel problem? Can not start

    I did not inspect the leak jet or the accelerator pump. Do you think this could cause a no start?
  3. Just bought an 05 CRF450R. Bike was bone cold, started easily on the first kick with choke on after 5-6 twists of the throttle. I rode the bike for 5-6 minutes, stalled a couple times (my fault) and it restarted easily with the hot start lever. Bike looks mint, everything seems great so I bought it. Bring it home, starts right up and I ride it for 20 minutes or so. Lots of power, works great. Slowly it started stalling on me when I was putting around in 1st gear. Would restart with hot start but wouldn't stay running unless I held the hot start in. Now, the bike won't start at all. I pulled the carb. Everything looks good. Either way, I removed and reinstalled all jets and blew everything out. It has a 178 main and a 45 pilot. Fuel screw 1.5 turns out. I checked valve clearance at this time - exhaust was 0.010". After reassembly, the bike started very easily first kick - same procedure as above. Turned the choke off and it was running great. Idled for a minute, tried to go for a little rip and it stalled leaving first gear. Now will not restart again - same as before. Any idea's here?
  4. I went with a LeoVince silencer for 03+ and it bolted up no problem on my 2001. Sounds badass now!
  5. Recently bought an 01 640SM with 2600km on it. Looking to do exhaust, intake screen, carb mod, and jet accordingly. All aftermarket exhaust systems are listed for 03+ KTM 640's. I can't find anything listed for 01-02. Are these the same exhaust systems? Can I just order something listed for an 03-06 KTM 640 SM ? Thanks.
  6. I bought my XR sporting supermoto wheels and tires. I want a set of dirt wheels and tires for it, but XR650R parts are hard to come by in southern ontario. Are there any other models that will fit easily? How hard to put 1996 CR500 wheels onto an xr?
  7. Mavrick14

    Honda xr650r vs ktm 525 exc

    You must have this thing geared like crazy while sitting on the tail light to pull wheelies that easy.. i've ridden an 07 525 and it was nothing like you just described.. get real man.
  8. Mavrick14

    2000 XR650R

    Well I adjusted the valves over the weekend and added an iridium plug. 1 intake valve was pretty tight. Other 3 valves were within .002" With less choke (about 75%), it starts right up with 1 or 2 kicks. I feel alot better now.. ha Now to sort out the electrical and speedo..
  9. Mavrick14

    2000 XR650R

    I gotter going a couple times tonight. Hopefully with practice it gets easier. I am planning on adjusting valves, and replacing the rear timing chain guide, as this engine does make a little ticking which I think may be excessive but am not sure. This is a video that the previous owner made for me before I bought it. Maybe you guys can take a listen and tell me what you think. He starts it up just after the 6min mark. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7oocmIBa3k&feature=youtu.be Anything else I should be checking for this ticking noise? Any problems or suggestions with the cam chain tensioner.. how to adjust it, and should I use the factory tensioner or after market manual tensioner?
  10. Mavrick14

    2000 XR650R

    Just bought this bike. Pretty badass road legal super moto. First problem is that I cannot start it. Previous owner can do it in 1 kick. What a pain in the ass! Im following the starting procedure, but can not get the hang of it. Guess ill keep trying. Anybody in Ontario recommend a reasonable insurance company for first time insurer?