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  1. wataflake

    Boiling coolant? HELP!

    leak in the suction side of the waterpump , hose or gasket . Leak on the inner head o ring and cylinder pressure is getting in the cooling system . I was searching ktm talk a few days ago to service my bike and saw this posted. jersey devil from there had that reply to a thread....he seems to know his stuff.
  2. wataflake

    Boiling coolant? HELP!

    What year and model bike is having this issue? My 04 250 exc has a thermostat.
  3. wataflake

    Contershaft Leak - A Tad Stumped

    Like the video in this thread , I like to use a thicker o ring...the stocker gets squished too fast. Also some aftermarket sprockets are not the same thickness as oem ktm ones and when the clip is put on , it doesn't put enough pressure on the o ring . Just what I've found over the yrs .
  4. Strange , i'd think a new bleeder and new crush washers would fix it. Did the brake line or end get damaged ?
  5. wataflake

    Oil leaking

    Too bad most of these bikes have a leak from the cs seal. I use a seal puller too , works well . Funny how the rubber part of the pressed in seal wears a grove in that sleeve that slides over the shaft. Or the sleeve squishes the o ring. Those 2 things have always been the causes of my cs leaks.
  6. wataflake

    NewYork First MSP rider course in NY

    Just got done with the 2 day rider course , 4/6 & 4/7, to get the NY dmv road test waiver . I got more than that , I was taught the riding and safety skills needed to be a street rider . The guys from Groton are great . Those guys are passionate about bikes and riding . They prepare you for the street and trust me if you are new to street bikes or have limited street time and think your ready....your not. The good news is , you will be after completing the class. The coaches , bikes , location ...(Syracuse for me) all top shelf . A big thanks to Gene and Don ....you put on a great program . 1-607-898-3339 you won't regret it ! dc
  7. wataflake

    91 Husky burning bulbs

    The voltage regulator Has gone bad maybe ?
  8. wataflake

    high temp gasket maker on reeds?

    Ah,sometimes I can't tell what people mean reading online. Just check compression before you tear it down...might be just fine. If the reeds look good run em. I would order a new slide , I don't know what the cutaway number a slide for a 97 kx 125 is but a kawi dealer will. Note carefully how the cable,spring and retainer comes out. It's easy to have the retainer not seat properly when you put it all back together. How to remove the needle from the slide is pretty simple. good luck
  9. wataflake

    high temp gasket maker on reeds?

    How are you going to clean the piston and walls unless top pull the top end ? If the reeds aren't chipped and they sit tight to the cage , they might be fine. I don't see the broken clip,i see what looks like your carb slide has damage. Am I missing it? I've never had to use gasket maker with the reed block.
  10. You probably checked but , is the float cracked or has a hole in it? If damaged ,fuel will get inside it and sink it .
  11. wataflake

    High idle after wot run

    If the clamp was loose , ya might want to clean the carb to make sure there's no dirt in there. Check the float height, if it's set too low a long open run can cause that, it drains the bowl and starves for fuel. Simply go one up on the main jet...the guide in the manual is a starting point. Those 3 things I would check if it was me.
  12. wataflake

    2013 300 xc-w any help have tried everything

    Gas cap not venting ?
  13. wataflake

    300SX Pipe Choice

    Cool build, I look fwd to seeing your results unfold.....I hope you keep us posted. I wouldn't go with the gnarly since it targets the same low to mid range on all bikes.It's fmf's torque pipe ,you won't like it for this build. The fatty would be better if you stick with fmf from what I read. Dirt Bike just did a 300sx and used a pro circuit system,may want to look into that.Good luck
  14. If anything it should run better at 60 deg. No changes should be needed if the stock jetting is in there. The pilot jet may need to be cleaned out or ya just need to turn the Idle screw in till it stays running.
  15. wataflake

    Springs too tight?

    That's a 1/4 of an inch , I don't think that matters.All those springs relax with vibes anyhow.