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  1. I am betting that the cause of the hard shift issue happened because of the repair. I am thinking that there is a washer or shim missing. Two of the 3 forks were replaced because of wear. Could the 3rd shift fork be causing some binding now? Good question. I will discuss the things you mentioned, with the mechanic. He is a nice guy but is really swamped right now. That's why I think something was missed during reassembly. I'm gonna have him split the cases and mic all the parts and clearances. Hopefully something will stand out and the tranny will go back together with no problems.
  2. Yeah, I was thinking along those lines too but wanted to check around before calling him on it. My motto is "trust but verify". I have checked other sources and they all seem to agree with you Wm1. I will be making a call Tuesday AM. Thanx for the info!
  3. So, if I am to understand correctly, a by-product of this type of repair, should not be temporary hard shifting? I know it is a reach to have a better analysis of what may be the issue but I would like to approach the mechanic with as much info as I can find, so that I am not BS'd. So here is some additional pre repair info. The bike ran great and shifted very well, before the repair. The problem with the bike, not going into 5th gear, has probably been around for a little bit but was not discovered until I bought it and finally took it on a side street and got going fast enough, to get into 5th gear. The mechanic I used came recommended from a few people and appeared to know what he was doing. He is not a newbie. But he did have an issue with the bike not shifting after he had completely assemble it. He said that it seemed to be stuck between 2-3 gear. He split the cases again and figured that he had put too much loctite on a bolt that held the "star" (?) on. This prevented something from traveling far enough to enable gear engagement. (?) Far fetched or possible?
  4. Just purchased an 06 YZ250F from a friend and later found out that it would not go into 5th gear. Who ever gets to 4th, let alone into 5th gear, at the track? Well his kid would ride the shifter (big feet) and it wore on the 3rd shift fork and did a little damage to the dogs on 2 pinion gears (5th pinion and 3rd pinion). it I had the 2 gears replaced along with the one bad shift fork. Now it seems it is much harder to shift from 1>2 and takes a good bit to go from 1st to neutral. Mechanic says that this is because there are new things meeting old things in the transmission and it should get better with time. Is he, in fact, correct or is he pumping sunshine?
  5. After finding it hard to locate a really good compilation video on GoPro mounting points, I decided to make one of our own. We had some bumps, bruises and laughs doing this vid. Check it out and let me know what ya think. Future suggestions are welcome too! You can find it at http:/youtu.be/AngG98H6eYo .