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  1. Hi all, I have an 02 426 and it will not start with the choke on. I am running a 45 Pilot and 168 Main. Starter jet is stock. I don't remember the size, possibly 72? Anyway, it WILL NOT start with the choke engaged. I have to do a little ritual of letting the engine fire after twisting the throttle twice, then pulling on the choke to turn it on. It then starts fine. It runs great and has always had this problem. I was wondering if anyone has a solution... Thanks, Eric
  2. Eric_F

    White marks in plastic...

    I use a pocket butane torch from about 3"-4" away. It works great. Don't stay in one spot with any method, always keep the heat moving. ~Eric
  3. Eric_F

    Any long-legged over the boot pants ?

    motorcycle-superstore.com has Prymal OTB pants on sale for 44.99. They're plain black. ~Eric
  4. Should I inviest in a kidney belt or do they offer negligible protection? Thanks, Eric
  5. As the topic says, where can I find the best price on this exhaust? Thanks, Eric
  6. Eric_F

    The infamous grey wire

    He sums it up quite well. ~Eric
  7. Eric_F

    WR426 oil change interval

    I shoot for 100-150 miles, or 2 months, whichever comes 1st. ~Eric
  8. Eric_F

    The infamous grey wire

    I think i'm gonna curl up in the fetal position and go cry now in a corner due to psycological trauma. I should have said you love confrontation when you can use the English language to your advantage rather than saying you love proving people wrong. As for the gray wire: I didn't notice a difference in performance until I switched to YZ cam timing. I ended up switching it back because I am not above the top half of the RPMs for the most part. ~Eric http://carcino.gen.nz/images/image.php/463c5922/arguing.jpg
  9. My brother uses SPIDER (sp?) grips. They were insanely comfortable. Yeah, that's it: http://www.spidergrips.com/ ~Eric
  10. Eric_F

    The infamous grey wire

    Rick, Please do not openly bash on other peoples' ideas. I hate to say it, but you seem to really really love proving people wrong. I sincerely hope that makes you feel all warm and gushy inside, but to me it's a slap in the face to the people that take the time to make a worthy contribution to this community. I don't care how well read you are on these motorcycles, solderless butt splices, or waterproof connectors, it's called respect and I hope you start showing some. Don't take this the wrong way. I'm sorry, but I had to say it. ~Eric
  11. Eric_F

    Reed wins again

    ic, thanks
  12. Eric_F

    Reed wins again

    What do you mean?
  13. Eric_F

    Reed wins again

    Travis Pastrana will come out of nowhere, do some backflips, then win the race. Not meaning to hijack the thread, but, has a backflip on a thumper ever been done? ~Eric
  14. Eric_F

    Reed wins again

    lol, that's funny
  15. Here's a link with some lists: http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/testing/comply/fmvss218/ ~Eric