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  1. Jtwizzle

    Honda CRF250L (2014)

      It is decent, got it from cabelas. For me being alone most if not all the time it makes the process much easier. Never feel that comfortable running a 2 wheeled bike up into the bed.  It does feel a bit flimsy still but I have ran it through dirt roads no problem.   Btw sorry I missed your comment Oath.
  2. Jtwizzle

    Honda CRF250L (2014)

    Whoa you put your seat strap back on! Nice bike man
  3. Jtwizzle

    What did you do to your crf250l today?

    Added a windshield, saddle bags and tires! When it gets light out I'll take a pic.
  4. Jtwizzle

    Well the crf is gone!

    You gave her a good run man! Congrats on the WR, it'll be a blast!
  5. For myself this held true(according to my gps, lost about 2-3 mph no performance mods though). The 13t is a blast for back roads and off road(or slower speed/technical riding). Reverted back though because most of my riding currently is freeway and I need the lower cruising rpms at that speed.(in turn, fuel consumption). As for chain lube I am currently trying Pj1 Blue label. It seems pretty good so far!
  6. Jtwizzle

    Vacationing with the CRF250L

    Man I just love these mototriplogs! Good job, Mott, sounds like an awesome journey! Have the same experience as you with low MPG when running 75+ with throttle near pinned(40-45mpg). At ~165 lbs, gear and myself..(expecting 55+ as well) Even have the funny smell you talk about when at a certain rpm range, and even a change in engine sound. Stops were all to frequent to fill up. Man oh man I am with you on that seat though! Pain!!
  7. Jtwizzle

    Who here has the most miles on their CRF 250 L ?

    Jeez man! Why so little mileage?
  8. Jtwizzle

    WHY didn't you ride your CRF today?

    Because i haven't been home in over a week
  9. Jtwizzle

    Cant afford a gopro? well.....

    That is pretty awesome! The 1080p version is nice as well with its much wider angle view.
  10. I love the 13t and wouldn't change it for anything, though in my personal testing I did not gain top speed. I've only gotten the same speed as the 14t, with the 13t when in a full tuck position. Full upright position when I had the 14t. There are of course a lot of variables, so when and if I swap sprockets again I will give it another go.
  11. Jtwizzle

    13t sproket

    Mine ended up directly in between green/red as well. Perfect amount of slack.
  12. Jtwizzle

    Seat Concepts seat, Hows it holding up?

    Those white plastics sure do look good, seat is a perfect match.
  13. Jtwizzle

    Honda CRF250L (2014)

    Certainly a beauty!
  14. Jtwizzle

    Honda CRF250L (2013)

    If I set a goal for what look I'd  like for my bike, this bike is it. Nice work dude!    The yoshimura setup really sets it off!
  15. Jtwizzle

    Crf250l small oil leak breather valve?

    I had light coolant weep that disappeared after 100 miles.