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  1. 07hondaxr650l

    Honda XR 650l Clutch bushing seized to main shaft!

    I was able to get the bushing off of the main shaft using heat and cooling it repeatedly, it was not seized to the main shaft like i though it was, the gear thats on the bushing was seized to the bushing, i used a press to separate the bushing and gear apart, now i just have to get a new bushing and gear, ive been able to find the clutch bushing or (guide clutch) as they call it on the Honda OEM site, i have not been able to find the gear that the Clutch outer slides onto any idea if that only comes as a single piece?
  2. 07hondaxr650l

    Honda XR 650l Clutch bushing seized to main shaft!

    Only thing i have done is replace the Clutch over the winter, never touched the lock nut, stupid me, I revved my bike up while i was in first and the clutch pulled in, I have searched every form site i can think of, seems most guys have the basket seized to the bushing, but not the bushing to the main shaft, i found all the OEM parts, Gaskets and new Main shaft for 160 not including shipping, how difficult of a job am i looking at, you think im better pulling the motor and splitting it?
  3. looking for some help on the Clutch bushing, my Clutch bushing on my 2007 Xr650l seized to the Main shaft, i was able to get the basket off but cant get the bushing or the larger gear off, its obvious it got hot because the main shaft is a bluish color, how should i go about removing the bushing? should i replace the entire shaft due to it getting hot? if i do replace the main shaft is the only way to split the gear box? any info will help here
  4. 07hondaxr650l

    Most cost effective power gains

    DG slip on is absolutely worth it, cheap compared to other slip ons but loud as a bastard, I have a DG slip on, Dyno jet stage 1 Kit around 50$ 165 Main jet, 55 small jet, IMS desmog kit, and K&N high flow air filter, it opens the pig up and gives her the power she deserves. down the road i recommend a good set of bars. i have Pro taper contours with 3/4 risers and gives the bike a completely different feel while riding. Hope that helps!
  5. 07hondaxr650l

    XR has a very slow and whinnying starter

    Found out the problem and it was simple stupid, when i was changing the starter gears over to the new cover the gasket ripped, i figured i could make one with the Black Permatex gasket maker well i was wrong, the issue was that the gasket that is inbetween the gear starter cover and the crank case cover is supposed to be a speficic size or the starter gears will be pushed to far and cause friction, found this out becasue there was a tiny amount of black oil on the gears, a sign of alluminum wear, simply made a new gasket out of the gasket paper and put it in, no more slowness or whinnying.
  6. 07hondaxr650l

    XR has a very slow and whinnying starter

    Took the cover off and it was in the right spot, hooked the 200 amp battery charger to the starter itself and found that it still made the slow whinnying noise, im going with either the brushes in the starter or an issue with the auto decompression, gonna take apart the starter and look to see the condition of the brushes
  7. 2007 Honda XR650L Hey guys and gals hopfully you can give me a little help on this, i just recently replaced my Left sided crank case cover, (the side the shifter is on) due to getting in a little crash and putting a hole in it. after it was all on and oil was in the bike i tried to start it and got a whinnying noise from the starter as well as it being very slow, i figured the battery was dead due to sitting outside so i charged it up then brought it to a shop for it to get tested because it is the original battery. battery was still good just a little low still, after it charging on a low setting i put it back in and go the same thing, slow whinnying from the starter. i hooked the battery to my truck with a pair of jumper cables and same thing. i cleaned all my connections and still had a slow whinnying noise, just not enough power to start the bike. im thinking it may be the starter going bad i heard something about the brushes in the starter going bad and found a rebuild kit for 30$ instead of a 400$ starter, the bike also has 20k miles on it so it could be the starter is just at its end? Anything will help me solve this Thanks! 2007 Honda XR650L Dyno jet stage 1, 165 Main 55 small IMS desmog K&N high flow DG slip on
  8. 07hondaxr650l

    Pro Taper Contour Handlebars Pros and Cons?

    Awsome thanks for the input guys really helps me out
  9. So im looking to get some new handle bars for my 07 Xr650L ive settled on the Pro Taper Contour 1 1/8 CR High, I know ill need the 7/8 to 1 1/8 adapter to fit i was wondering if any one had the bars and what they liked about them or dislike, also if i should raise the bars at all? Any info helps Thanks!
  10. 07hondaxr650l

    Dyno jet stage 1 and "daves mods"

    so i got a 2007 honda xr 650l mods are DG slip on pipe, K&N high flow air-filter, IMS smog block off kit, and a dyno jet stage 1 jet kit. For some reason the bike pops on deceleration, i have heard guys say that after the smog block off kit the popping stops but mine started after i installed it. i have not touched the carburetor to fix it yet because i am not really sure how i should go about it any help PLEASE!! I also have another question ive heard alot of guys say they love the "Daves mods" for the lean XR how much of a difference would i see if i did the "Daves mod" along with my already installed stage 1 jet kit, and would this solve any of the popping noises on deceleration. Hope somone can help Thanks!!
  11. 07hondaxr650l

    2007 honda xr650l pops on deceleration

    it didnt pop before i did the smog block off kit, and it pops just about non stop when i let off the gas at a higher RPM
  12. hopfully someone can help me here, i got a 2007 honda xr650l with a DG-O- seriels slip on exsaust, K&N high flow air filter, Moose dynojet stage one jet kit with a 165 main jet, IMS smog block off kit. so here is the problem i just finished instaling my IMS smog block off kit took the bike for a ride and on decel it started to pop. the bike has already been jetted out so i wasnt sure if i needed to adjust something in the carp or what.