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  1. breezeblocker

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Bradshaw trail
  2. breezeblocker

    Random pics.

    Big river, ca
  3. breezeblocker

    xr250 hard hot start

    after hard riding and stopping for a few minutes,very hard to restart.also after going down i fight to start it back up.please help!!!!
  4. breezeblocker

    05 WR 450 Exhaust Plug

    hey dube,stop farting around with that bike and go ride it...
  5. breezeblocker

    How to get a bike up on a stand?

    throw that sucker away and get a milk crate for freeee!!
  6. breezeblocker

    So.CAl 05 WR450, Hard Start

    sounds like you better call an electrician
  7. breezeblocker

    need place to ride trails near LA during visit

    whatever you do dont go to azusa canyon.you run the risk of being run over by drunken 4x4 raider fans from baldwin park and azusa.stick to hungry valley,i exit in gorman at the ohv area exit off the 5.make a left ,then a right at mcdonalds,left at entrance sign.good luck,its great there.
  8. breezeblocker

    Viva Los XR's!

    no more xrs,verified by my delaer rep,i work at an acura dealer.he rides and checked it out
  9. breezeblocker

    Why are you thankful for your XR?

    thankfull for reliability.ease of operatiom,easy to work on.ability to dune at glamis
  10. breezeblocker

    XR250 duneable?

    ride my xr250 at glamis,6 paddle skat trak tire.pro circuit exhaust and rejetted.rides good,keeps up with my friends 400ex.
  11. breezeblocker

    xr250 carburetor options

    are there any carburetors that i can put on my xr250 for more power?need more power,should have bought the xr400.have already done the gordons mods.
  12. breezeblocker

    2004 xr250 iridium plug?

    does anyone know which iridium plug to use on this bike?have seen it posted in the past.this bike can be a pain to start at times,would like to try out this before changing the pilot jet.
  13. breezeblocker

    2003 xr250 rear wheel,cant find one

    anyone know where i can find a rear wheel for an xr250?or something that will match?