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  1. yz250fer

    Yamaha YZ426f in a YFZ450?

    Hey, I was wondering If I could put a 426f on my rolling yfz chasis, without haveing to mod the frame. Will the motor bolt right in? Or will the mounts have to get redone?
  2. yz250fer

    Yamaha yfz a arm ball joint?

    Hey, I have an 04 yfz, with lonestart +2 a arms, standard travel and my lower a arm ball joint fell apart, can I put a stock ball joint in or does it have to be a lonestar ball joint. Normally I would just use a lonestar but I have a race this weekend and time will be close.
  3. yz250fer

    Raptor 660r vs. Banshee vs. YFZ450?

    Ive had 3 banshees, an 04 raptor and now an 04 yfz450, and will never go back, the yfz is amazing all round.
  4. yz250fer

    pro circuit

    I have a T-4 on my yfz and love it, yes its loud...
  5. yz250fer

    hard startin 01 250f

    try changing your spark plug, it happened to mine when i 1st go it, it would run great when it was cold until u shut it off, then when it got real hot and u shut it off, you have to kick it over for awhile.
  6. yz250fer

    motor fully rebuilt

    Im gettin my bike back this saturday from the shop, the rod went and took everything possible out, it has a fresh motor now, any suggestions on the break in?
  7. yz250fer

    best sprocket combo

    Im gettin my 2002 yz250f ready to race motocross and was wondering the best combination of sprocket sizes to put on the bike? Id appreciate any suggestions