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  1. mini_thumper125

    2006 CR85 suspension work

    I've heard some great things about proaction. Thats where my friend that races gets his suspension done.
  2. mini_thumper125

    Good Two stroke forums

    Could someone tell me exactly what an Icat is and would the FMF shorty muffler be good I found one in good condition on ebay for 20 bucks. Thanks again.
  3. mini_thumper125

    new 125 pics

    Is that lime green. Looks kinda funky but still half decent. Congrats on doin it yourself anyways.
  4. mini_thumper125

    Good Two stroke forums

    I was just researching free or very cheap mods on the CR. I know for my TTR opening the airbox, rejetting and modding the exhaust were some of the free mods. Is there anything like this on the CR. And is it normal for a stock CR to be kinda sluggish on the bottom end but rips like crazy after you hit the powerband. Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question but i was wondering because me cousins YZ 125 has better bottom end but a lot les top end. Im guessin it is because of his full exhaust but im not sure.
  5. mini_thumper125

    Good Two stroke forums

    thanks for the help
  6. mini_thumper125

    Good Two stroke forums

    My brother just got a 99 CR 80 and I'm looking for a place to get good information about modding it and trouleshooting problems. If anyone could point me towards a good site it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help.
  7. mini_thumper125

    AWESOME : Yamaha TT-R 125 Video

    why cant i do that...lol
  8. mini_thumper125

    street legal kit

    I was thinkin about gettin mine done so i could take it to school and back To save some gas. Only problem is my dad wont let me get the motorcycle liscence
  9. mini_thumper125

    loudest pipe

    How easy is it to stay in your own forums and quit dissin our bikes
  10. mini_thumper125

    loudest pipe

    Ive heard the BBR and Pro Circuit are pretty loud. My white bros pipe is almost as loud as the pipe on my cousins YZ 125
  11. mini_thumper125

    Wheelie video

    ty for explaining that guys...lol
  12. mini_thumper125

    Wheelie video

    Ty...i does make it alot easier to wheelie standin on seat. That one was in fourth gear. Im just startin to get good a ridin a wheelie and shiftin thru the gears.
  13. mini_thumper125

    Wheelie video

    i dont know. Its worth checkin.
  14. mini_thumper125

    Wheelie video

    LOL. Doesnt it figure
  15. mini_thumper125

    Wheelie video

    yea lol. thats what u get for lettin your little bro tape it. My cuz is doin the next one though. It will be a regular balance wheelie the whole way up my lane.