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  1. I am 6'5" and lowered the pegs and bars and put a taller seat on it.
  2. Air assist only,5-10 psi with springs,Goki and Pro-Tec made them,they probably made them for Moto X Fox too.Looking for a set for my 76 370.
  3. Measure your forks,you should be ok,might have to swap over the front brake too which would be no biggee since the wheel would have to go with it.Lots more to do to it,stay away from ProCycle! No K&N like above,foam is best.
  4. What bike? If it's a DR650 go to MxRob or Procycle. Lots of info on this.
  5. I installed motolab jetting in mine,couldnt be happier!
  6. I am 6'5" and like my 2007 CRF450 WAY better than my 2007 KX450,much more comfy.
  7. I have the GSXR muffler,best of both worlds but tough to find!
  8. I would get the 650,a few little fixes on the suspension and carb and it will run forever,I like the simplicity of it,air colled 2 valve motor.I have one and never considered the 400.
  9. Great bike,I bought one for the same reason,simple,Procycle has many things for these to set them up,fun stuff!
  10. I have done the airbox mod and jetting from Motolab,I had an FCR I rebuilt and modified but decided against it and sold it,still on the stock gearing due to some freeway travel on my commute.I have LED lights on it too but I might change them up with the spots and the LED headlamp instead of the bulb I currently have.
  11. I watched the auction site and snagged a gold valve for 100.00,bought a closeout spring and bearing from keintech,200.00 for everything,do it myself,take it to get the nitro charged and I am done,it will be good enough for the DR since I have a dirt bike for the rough stuff.
  12. I don't have the big tank or luggage on mine but I did do all the suspension,carb and GSXR exhaust so far.
  13. PM me your email and I will send it to you,it is a 2007 Factory Kawasaki manual.
  14. 06 is a 4 speed,07 is a 5 speed. I have the manual on my phone,made it easy. I sold my 07 and have a brand new Muzzy full exhaust for it that I don't need.
  15. Dimple drain plugs,very strong,I run them in everything to help with the shrapnel.