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    I have a brand new in the package Muzzy exhaust for a 2007 KX450,it is a complete system from front to back with a Ti can,beautifully made as only Muzzy can.Great exhaust from one of the best Kawasaki tuners out there.Fit 2006-2008 KX450.


    Grand Blanc, Michigan - US

  2. troy1160

    Twin Air Fuel Tank Filter

    Ran one in my KX450 with my Clarke tank,the filler neck fit would the issue,never hurts to use one,especially in the mud,easy to clean,just pull it out and clean.
  3. troy1160

    2008 450R - Will "Newer" Plastic Fit...???

    Ahh,ok then
  4. troy1160

    carb jetting

    You probably have the carb vent filter to close to the opening in your airbox.
  5. troy1160

    06 KX450F carb/jetting help please

    Buy a JD jetting kit and be done with it.
  6. You kind of answered your own question,lid on,snorkel out,depending on your jetting you can cut a few holes in the top of the box,I am not sure on DJ specs.
  7. troy1160

    Stock DR jetting recommendation?

    You need to ditch that stock can!
  8. troy1160

    dr 650 carb question

    Do a search for the Suzuki mufflers That fit,best for noise and performance and a Procycle head pipe.
  9. troy1160

    dr 650 carb question

    I used Motolab jetting on mine,Derek is a good guy and knows DR's also. I put a GSXR muffler on and took the snorkel out of the airbox lid,next I will cut the lid and put a bigger main jet in.The bike runs great with a simple jet switch.
  10. troy1160

    Standing on the DR650 pegs

    I am 6'5" and lowered the pegs and bars and put a taller seat on it.
  11. troy1160

    77 rm 370 air forks?

    Air assist only,5-10 psi with springs,Goki and Pro-Tec made them,they probably made them for Moto X Fox too.Looking for a set for my 76 370.
  12. troy1160

    Purchased 2018 DR650 with 768miles...

    Measure your forks,you should be ok,might have to swap over the front brake too which would be no biggee since the wheel would have to go with it.Lots more to do to it,stay away from ProCycle! No K&N like above,foam is best.
  13. troy1160

    LED turn indicators, no joy

    What bike? If it's a DR650 go to MxRob or Procycle. Lots of info on this.
  14. troy1160


    I installed motolab jetting in mine,couldnt be happier!