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  1. Will the motor from an 02' CR250 fit in an 01' CR250 frame? -Thanks
  2. forum33

    VCGP course legth?

    22 miles.
  3. forum33

    VCGP numbers?

    Number 220
  4. forum33

    VCGP numbers?

  5. forum33

    VCGP numbers?

    Anyone get their's yet?
  6. forum33

    hollister 4-6-07?

    Did you guys see life flight there today?
  7. forum33

    hollister 4-6-07?

    I was there today for the first time. Fun place, but its a little bit overcrowded...
  8. forum33

    Greenhorn Ride Pictures

    Yeah, the owner is pretty cool about it all. After talking to him, he just said that as long as people don't trash the place that he'll keep it open to riders.
  9. forum33

    Greenhorn Ride Pictures

    Its owned by a rock quarry. The owner, who also rides, allows people to ride on their property
  10. forum33

    Greenhorn Ride Pictures

    Its in Norcal near Colfax.
  11. forum33

    Greenhorn Ride Pictures

    Just a couple of pictures from todays ride at Greenhorn.
  12. forum33

    450SX, Hot Start

    I have a 2004 450 SX too and I find that turning the gas off everytime before shutting the bike off while hot really helps it to start easy.