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  1. A cold engine isn’t burning off the oil as fast, hence the smirk on start up right? Once the bike is up to temp it isn’t smoking like a freight train unless it is over oiling
  2. Mine is on 17 300rr. I love how it covers the linkage too-sliding over logs. Easy on and off for cleaning and oil changes too. I’m a fan.
  3. I’ve been happy with the motul. Just thought I might be missing a smoking deal
  4. I would love a link to 2-3$ motul. That’s way better than what I can find it for.
  5. Good question. I’m not sure. It was on the bike when I bought it and I am short. Works great for me. It is kind of slick though. The guy I bought it it from made gnarly single track look easy. I mainly just use this drz for a back road cruiser.
  6. I have a Corbin seat that is nice to the booty all day long. It is wider in the back for road sections but still not too wide in the front. I apply AandD ointment liberally when I ride my other bike on longer rides. Ointment in the back, powder in the front. Dreamy. Corbin is definitely worth looking into.
  7. So you rather whisper in his ear than share with the rest of the class? Must be juicy.
  8. Gas eats through red solo cups. Bad idea
  9. Nice! I kept mine stock 13/49 and happy on single track and that allows me to keep up on the road sections of dualsports while keeping my speed in check
  10. My 300 is no where near as bad as my yz450f was in regards to chain noise, especially while lugging. I guess it all depends what you were previously use to unless chain is way loose.
  11. I love my 300rr but they can go to hell on more $ to finish the job on the kickstand.
  12. 64 hrs on a 17 300rr. Knock on wood, so far so good. Love not mixing at the gas stop of the dualsport events
  13. Sweet bike!
  14. Dude, it’s not a KTM
  15. I don’t think the bike is truly designed to be a smooth ride on the road. I do dualsport rides and accept that it kind of sucks on the road but it legally gets me to the next trail head where it dominates no matter how gnarly it gets