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  1. Hoosier-Daddy

    2017 Beta 300RR transmission noise

    Sounds like paranoia. Let that thing eat
  2. Hoosier-Daddy

    Beta Cup in NEPG 2019

  3. Hoosier-Daddy

    Started up my 18 x and oh no

    Better than no oil
  4. Hoosier-Daddy

    Sidi x3 lei ?

    Any of you tried these? Looking for the best boot for my daughter. I want good protection and room for knee/shin guards. She wears a 6.5 US women’s shoe. Hard to find men’s boot this small and the youth models don’t seem to give room for knee/shin guards. I have had great luck with my crossfire’s but can’t find them in her size.
  5. Hoosier-Daddy

    New 300RR oil sprray

    I agree with all the above minus the whole oil quality part. My breather tube lubes my skid plate and I had to re seat at that joint and tighten zip ties tighter to get mine to seal up. I’ll pass on oil debate, just not buying it. Chris beat me to it, I was going to confirm that it definitely isn’t being flung from the chain, 🤣
  6. Hoosier-Daddy

    Ankle Savers - Review

    I bought a used yz450 with them on it. Interfered with the PMB kickstand I added so they are lying in my garage. I ride woods, not getting air on tracks. Previous owner swore by them.
  7. Hoosier-Daddy

    Forma Terrain TX for a first boot?

    Can’t speak on Forma personally, but have not heard many complaints. I do know you are better off spending the coin on a high quality boot for good protection, feel, and comfort. I have had a few friends go cheap and they have bought 2-3 pairs each and still not happy with their purchase. P.S. don’t count out a woods model 2 stroke for a great first bike.
  8. Hoosier-Daddy

    Crusty piston from oil injection

    A cold engine isn’t burning off the oil as fast, hence the smirk on start up right? Once the bike is up to temp it isn’t smoking like a freight train unless it is over oiling
  9. Hoosier-Daddy

    Anybody have an SXS skid plate?

    Mine is on 17 300rr. I love how it covers the linkage too-sliding over logs. Easy on and off for cleaning and oil changes too. I’m a fan.
  10. I’ve been happy with the motul. Just thought I might be missing a smoking deal
  11. I would love a link to 2-3$ motul. That’s way better than what I can find it for.
  12. Hoosier-Daddy

    Seat issues

    Good question. I’m not sure. It was on the bike when I bought it and I am short. Works great for me. It is kind of slick though. The guy I bought it it from made gnarly single track look easy. I mainly just use this drz for a back road cruiser.
  13. Hoosier-Daddy

    Seat issues

    I have a Corbin seat that is nice to the booty all day long. It is wider in the back for road sections but still not too wide in the front. I apply AandD ointment liberally when I ride my other bike on longer rides. Ointment in the back, powder in the front. Dreamy. Corbin is definitely worth looking into.
  14. Hoosier-Daddy

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    So you rather whisper in his ear than share with the rest of the class? Must be juicy.
  15. Hoosier-Daddy

    Portable fuel for dirt bike

    Gas eats through red solo cups. Bad idea