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  1. I love my 300rr but they can go to hell on more $ to finish the job on the kickstand.
  2. 64 hrs on a 17 300rr. Knock on wood, so far so good. Love not mixing at the gas stop of the dualsport events
  3. Sweet bike!
  4. Dude, it’s not a KTM
  5. I don’t think the bike is truly designed to be a smooth ride on the road. I do dualsport rides and accept that it kind of sucks on the road but it legally gets me to the next trail head where it dominates no matter how gnarly it gets
  6. That’s is just to lube the friction between the bottom of the frame and skid plate. Mine does that too
  7. Betausa took forever on my order. I had to call and see what was up. My order may have never came if I didn’t call. They apologized and sent me a T shirt. Motoxgiant was fast and reasonable on the price.
  8. I vote split it. If I want info on one or the other I could just go to the other forum
  9. Looking to get my 12 yr old her first bike. Thinking about the ttr 125 or klx140L. Any of you have experience with both of these bikes or just want to put your 2 cents in? Pretty close to same biked besides the front disc and little extra weight and displacement on the 140.
  10. I’m guessing you guys in this model specific forum might be a little partial but I am looking into getting my daughter her first bike. I am looking at the klx140L and the ttr125. Both are real close in size and specs, Green machine has rear disc and weighs a little more. Does anybody on here have experience with both bikes mentioned above or care to put your 2 cents in?
  11. Ye old whiskey throttle strikes again
  12. Backyard dirt riding might try it. On the road dualsportin heck no.
  13. Access sucks. On the bright side, all the tools you need to get the tank off are in the subframe under the seat.
  14. What makes you think the nipples need replaced?
  15. This plus swapping the spacers right?