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  1. Hoosier-Daddy

    taming KX100 for woods & 1st two-stroke

    Teach the kid how to use the clutch without a rekluse. Seat time! Kids learn fast
  2. Hoosier-Daddy

    Airbox clip rivet

    Yeah copy, I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ blaming someone else but the bike saw the shop for the first time in a long time and i got it back with the Allen wrench and 8mm socket sitting in the bottom of the airbox and a missing rivet. Sounds like a trip to harbor freight is in my near future. Thanks gentlemen
  3. Hoosier-Daddy

    Airbox clip rivet

    I searched with no luck, but I’m sure I’m not the first person that has came across this. The retaining clip for the air box cover post has lost a rivet. Are rivets this small a common hardware store item or oem must? It still has one rivet hanging on so the clip just needs rotated back into place to put the cover back on but I would like to address it.
  4. I have the TLD you are talking about. I like it. Don’t notice it’s there while riding. Not nearly as hot as thor impact rig I was previously wearing. I feel like it is adequate protection for trail riding.
  5. Hoosier-Daddy

    BYOB experience

    Graphics look sharp. My 17 300rr had plenty of grease too. Wasted my time tearing it down besides peace of mind and verified fasteners were tight
  6. Hoosier-Daddy

    Xtrainer Starter Bendix Service

    Very nice detailed write up. Got to love a useful TT post!
  7. Hoosier-Daddy

    Billet pipe coupler?

    I’m eager to hear reviews. Zip Ty’s worked well for me. Sounds like snake oil to me but my opinion might be different if right zip Ty’s and double checking pipe and silencer fasteners didn’t work.
  8. Hoosier-Daddy

    300rr race edition or Standard 300

    I love my RR on the single track. Honestly don’t know if it could get any better there. I rode the convenience of the oil injection for dual sports for a while. Just now deleted it from my ‘17. My RR came titled as motorcycle and not off road use only, which got it plated for dualsports. Definitely a first world problem to have to decide on. Neither would disappoint.
  9. Hoosier-Daddy

    Beta Xtrainer assembly things to look for?

    I would remove it before it removes itself.
  10. Hoosier-Daddy

    Beta Xtrainer assembly things to look for?

    My horn bracket broke while riding and the bolt that mounts the subframe to the top/front frame fell out twice. 300RR
  11. Hoosier-Daddy

    Are the husky subframes junk ?

    My friend is experiencing the same thing with his 2018 te300. Wipeout destroyed subframe. He’s thinking about trying the aluminum option. I’m having my doubts on the durability of the composite.
  12. Hoosier-Daddy

    ebay heated grips?

    Friend of mine put heat shrink between bars and tusk set for insulation. Used thinner throttle grip on both sides(had to buy 2 pairs of grips). Worked well, I stole some heat at a stop sign during cold dualsport ride. Felt amazing.
  13. Hoosier-Daddy

    Non-Dirt Bike Kids

    “That made me feel something I’ve never felt before!” as heart raced is what my daughter said first time she stepped off her first dirt bike a couple months ago. I hope she keeps the bug. Other daughter wants nothing to do with it, more into music and art. Love em both
  14. Hoosier-Daddy

    Inner Axle Rust

    The Works toilet bowl cleaner or other Hydrochloric acid gets rid of rust. We use 23.9% HCl toilet cleaner buy the case to remove massive amounts of rust.
  15. Ouch Repair looks good. Did you compare price of new frame vs. repair?