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  1. OldBrokeBikeless

    On Campus Motocross-Hart High vs. Canyon, Santa Clarita Valley CA

    At last! Validation that I didn't hallucinate the whole thing. Googled the same question that I posted as FlyinBrian1 eight years ago and this post came up. Changed user name to OldBrokeBikeless since then. I also found a listing for a YouTube video. It wouldn't play on the ol' iPhone. Probably flash player based format, I guess.
  2. OldBrokeBikeless

    Ssr110 semi?

    Oh, found it in Special Interest Forums.
  3. OldBrokeBikeless

    Ssr110 semi?

    I couldn't find pitbikes in the dirtbike forums list. That's why I came to the Chinese forum. I thought that the "new" (again) TT had dropped them. They used to get threatened with that a lot in the old days with their name-calling and childness behavior. But "donkey legged chicken farmer" comments are one of the best things about this site! At the risk of being called worse, "How do you navigate to the pitbike section?"
  4. OldBrokeBikeless

    neck brace difference

    Cycle News Online 11/04/2009 Neck Protection: Let's Talk About It Copy the above and search on your browser's search engine for the definitive article on the different braces. I'm on my phone posting this, so it's hard to navigate this site. Otherwise, I'd post a link. Anyone who reads this 2-part article and wants to start a new thread with link should do so. All the manufacturers and their design philosophy are included.
  5. What year is your new CR250? I thought the only Japanese 250 2 stroke MX bike still being made was the YZ?
  6. OldBrokeBikeless

    Ring Compression Tool?

    Care to share it with us?
  7. to apply that still has a nice protective shine?
  8. OldBrokeBikeless

    1 Red Thumb Down For Ride Engineering

    Half the people replying to this thread are wrong. Which ones? Duh! The ones you disagree with! I love Thumper Talk.
  9. OldBrokeBikeless

    mop-n-glo results

    Wow! That is one red bike. Like the old RED RACERS.
  10. OldBrokeBikeless

    AMA Racing Classes for 150F

    L.A. Sleeve would be my guess.
  11. OldBrokeBikeless

    grant vs DV

    That was icing on the cake!
  12. Cobra got parked by Josh. How sweet it is. Motocross.com working well tonight (Sat.)
  13. OldBrokeBikeless

    odd injuries

    Yeah, CR was injured playing pool, TP injured in a pool.
  14. OldBrokeBikeless

    Dual Rate Shock Springs?

    *stroking my gray beard* I remember the shocks had a short and a long spring stacked one on top of the other, one a stiff spring and one a soft spring. That was in the twin-shock era. A progressive spring has a coil that has more space between the winds of the single coil at one end then the other, thus making it progressively stiffer the further it travels.