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  1. BrianSM

    East Coast Wheel issues

    Actually, "you should" be discussing your past purchases from TT......being totally "pain free"....... why go elsewhere ?....particularly to a place that has "the worst reputation" on the internet.....I mean the worst (not to say it's warranted or not, just pointing out the facts) Sorry, but I don't have sympathy for anyone who takes their business elsewhere after having a good experinece here, specially with a company with a known bad rep....then getting dissappointed, feeling ripped off and using this site to complain and ask peoples opinion after the fact..... If it were me... I'd beg TT for forgiveness and place your order with them....
  2. BrianSM

    East Coast Wheel issues

    I personally think that If you "hang out" on this site, then you should contribute back and shop here, help support each other.....I dunno, I think that's how it's supposed to work....Even for the sake of a couple bucks...
  3. I just put some delo 400 LE into my SM Racebike (for the first time), I have a slipper clutch....I will re post If this bike/clutch starts acting weird....I'm starting to wonder If Rotella sythetic is really is the best way to go...
  4. BrianSM

    Chain vs. tire clearance

    If I were you I'd toss that 160 and put the proper size on that rim which is a 150, which was previously mentioned by Mike D.....that way it will give you another 1-2 mm which is about right...
  5. I did a search the other day and found 5 speed kits for around $ 450.00 to $ 500.00, The SX and XC have the same cases at least part number wise....dunno whether they machine the XC cases or not at the time of build....my orange bike tech told me he has done older ones and they usually take 3-4 hours....The new 2008/2009 450 SMR's in Europe are SXF motors with 5 speeds....sooooo.....
  6. BrianSM


    you DO NOT wanna measure from the ground, but from the axel.....when you measure from the ground you are inadvertantly measuring the compression of the tire, which in most cases is over an inch...the rest is math..when you say seat I hope you mean the under part which is rigid and not affected by rider weight compressing the foam:eek: Juuust tryun to help clarify....
  7. BrianSM

    Replacing kickstart shaft

    Get "the kid" to buy a manual for the future...all bikes have some weird procedures you have to go through...here are some tips... loosesn the exhaust so you can shift it up outa the way, same with the rear braker lever, drain all the fluid outa the rad. you want a clear easy access to the side cover bolts... you can leave the round portion of the side cover still bolted to the main side cover itself (IE: clutch cover) TAKE OFF THE WATERPUMP COVER AND REMOVE THE IMPLELLOR, MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE THE WATERPUMP SHAFT IN PLACE, DO NOT REMOVE THE WATER PUMP SHAFT, if you remove the water pump shaft in anyway you will dislodge the lower gear/bearing for the timing chain, in which case you will be screwed... remove the clutch......when you get at the kick starter make sure you make mental note of the orientaion of the spring etc.... don't overtighten the side cover bolts they are only like 12 ft lbs each... other than the waterpump shaft everything is common sense, take your time...hope that helps...
  8. BrianSM

    Avon Xtreme supermoto slicks???

    they are quite wide for the sizing.....great grip and let you know when they are losing traction.....abit softer than the Metz....great tire and heat up fast...If I remember correctly they like aprox 2 lbs more in the rear from the others I've used...
  9. BrianSM

    What pipe for 2007 SXF 250?

    I installed a 2 bros. full Ti system ( $ 300.00) and liked the gains....threw in a JD kit using the 185 jet and was amazed at the low end grunt and how much harder the bike pulled to the upper R's.....starts always 1st kick hot and two cold....as for the suspension, just added the heavier springs and set the sag to 35 mm static and now have a perfect set up.....
  10. BrianSM

    whats the deal with my clutch 250sxf

    Dunno If this is relevant but in the KTM world the 250 SX-f is one of the only bikes where the clutch basket has the friction plates at the beginning and end of the sequence rather than the spacers first and last....
  11. So, does this mean you are gonna change your Avitar and name ?
  12. BrianSM

    MZ What's up with them ?

    yyyup, street moto with M-4 and jetting etc.....huge torque, easy to start, low revver, true thumper.....bullet proof reliable...... easy to get 72 to 75 reliable hp....needs to go to the raptor guys to mod up..or send to Germany for their stage two kit.....I should have kept it and gone all the way with the motor....
  13. yyyup plus one to the above, also tight dirt sections is where the 250 shines....the 450's will get 3-5 bike lengths on you...bigbores will blow the side covers off the little bike...
  14. BrianSM

    Oil filter longevity

    If they do, then its a Hiflow HF 157......BikeBandit.com $ 3.53 each 250SX-F and Bergs use HF 155's....... I wouldn't use the s/s ones...they don't get the micro sized stuff....just my 2 c's