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  1. I have a fly wheel weight on my 2012 you will not regret it and it will not slow a 450 down. I ride trails and race mx. My 2 cents.
  2. That seems odd. I admit my knowledge on wrenching on dirt bikes is limited but I have never had the needles fall out after cleaning and greasing them. If the bearing race is not worn and the needles are in good shape. I would just put them back in and try again.
  3. Thanks guys I will use it not that it would have been a big deal to grab some. I figured I would ask for future reference also. I guess I was just wondering about moisture and small amounts of dirt. I know silly since it's going to be covered in dirt soon anyway. I know they also use a additive to keep it thinned out for applying to the filter and then it evaporates so I thought maybe that dissipates over time. Thanks for the help I am sure it's fine.
  4. Hey guys I have a jug of belray foam filter oil for about a year maybe a little less. I have used it multiple times so the seal has been broken for the entire time but it has had the cap on would you use it or grab a new bottle. Thanks matt
  5. Generally speaking I like to give the dealers around me some business. I am aware I am not getting the best deal. I enjoy going there and and don't want them to disappear. If just shopping for price I doubt your gonna beat the prices your paying now by any significant amount.
  6. Hey guys I had factory connection revalve my 2012 yz450 last year. I weigh about 175-180 no gear. They said they could make my stock springs work I believe they are 4.7 front 5.7 rear. I am a novice racer. I keep reading from time to time on the forums from some people mostly older posts that the 2010 through I believe the 2013 since I don't think they changed had mismatched springs am I missing some thing should i try some differing spring combinations? Any input would be appreciated.
  7. changing oil once a month on a bike that at most your gonna start once in a while seems silly to me. Change it before or after it sits seems like more than enough. Why would you Change it once a month if your not riding it. Never heard of any one doing that. My 2 cents a little shot of stabilizer in the gas if your real picky dump a teaspoon of oil down the spark plug hole and close the shed doors. If you really want drain the gas but I have never had a problem with just some fuel stabilizer in the tank.
  8. I have a fly wheel weight also and that is installed and yes that is very noticeable especially like you pointed it out in slow speed situations. I was curious if you felt that you did notice a difference with the relocation kit. I only personally know one other person with the 2010-2013 and they don't have the relocation and I doubt they would ever put one on. One of my hobbies is riding my bike my other hobby is working on it.
  9. This doesn't answer your question and I don't have both but have the drd that I have not had a chance to install yet. I picked it up for the reason you just said I enjoy tinkering with my bike not because I'm expecting it to transform my bike. I will let you know how I feel about it and if I think I can tell a difference. How do you feel about the light speed kit if you don't mind?
  10. Are you saying rotating the stock bars back or taller bars back helped a lot. I am running the Henry reed now I think they are kind of in between the the stock bars and the windham bend hight wise. I have improved cornering by really trying to lay the bike over and keep weight far forward. I agree even with the Henry reed and definitely the windhams when your about to go into a seated position with the higher bars you have to reach for them instead of being able to push down and weight the front tire. I am looking for input because even though I have Owned several dirt bikes the racing aspect is new to me.
  11. Hey guys I have 2012 yz450. I went from the stock bars to windham to Henry reed. I tried different bars because I felt the stock were to low and kept me from getting up on the front of the seat. The Windhams were just too tall. I like the henry reed but am almost thinking about going back to some thing lower like the stock bars. I am more comfortable on the bike than when i first got it and am wondering if going taller was the right choice curious if maybe lower bars will help me weight the front end better in the turns by being more over the bars when seated rather than the bars feeling like they are out in front of me. I am 5 foot 10 by the way. Input and opinions please. Thanks. I race mx and occasionally trail ride.
  12. I bought my bike new and the oil turns dark fairly quickly just some thing to keep in mind. I wouldn't use that as a indicator or at least the only indicator of when to change it aside from any issue you might have going on. I run good oil and change it at about 5 or 6 hrs give or take depending on if I'm racing or trail riding. It gets darker long before that. I Think if you try to keep your oil coming out of your bike looking the same as when it went in your going to spend all your time changing oil instead it riding.
  13. Wow don't claim to be expert but that looks like a significant amount. I have never really found much of any thing in the filter just a couple silver swirls in the oil after break in. If it were me and I found traces in the filter I wouldn't worry but packed in there like that I would look into it. I wonder how long that filter has been in there?I wonder if the filter is a 2006 also.
  14. i am sure it will make it a little louder but be aware loud bike shut down tracks also not just riding areas. I am not against people putting a exhaust on for a performance gain and I agree they sound nice but I like riding more than loud pipes. By the way I do race mx and its a 2012 with a stock pipe. We just want keep places around so your little bro has some where to ride in the future.
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