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  1. Adamthomas

    CRF 1000L

    I picked up a 2018 adventure sports DCT. I put a few miles on it, and it’s all smiles here. My 650R is getting pissed at me!
  2. Adamthomas

    Great Fourth of July

    I’ll take that desert heat over this humid swamp weather anytime!
  3. Adamthomas

    Great Fourth of July

    That CRG mirror folds in like a champ when it gets wacked in the woods.
  4. Adamthomas

    Great Fourth of July

    My third time out this year. Bike always amazes me, even in this 95 degree heat
  5. Adamthomas

    Dakar kit on xr600

    You have to check stator voltage running before you change out the regulator. After that you may want to pull the ignition cover off to see what stator is in there. If you have bulbs that total more wattage than the stock setup you will probably have an issue.
  6. Adamthomas

    XR650r headlight upgrade!

    I’m running the Baja designs dual 8” halogen/HID setup. Rules aren’t that loose in CT, but I never get a second look from the cops. Halogen is low beam and HID is high. Adjustment knobs make raising and lowering the beams a simple chore. It’s not a look for everyone but they are a fantastic set of lights.
  7. Adamthomas

    Gas tank neck stripped, Aloop tank

    The Aloop tank is made from cross linked polyethylene according to the manufacturer. They told me It will not plastic weld very well, if at all. I had one of their tanks crack where the tank comes over the frame. I called Aloop and they sent me a new tank after describing my problem and sending a pic. Obviously my issue is different but they may give you a replacement tank for cost. All they may ask you to do is cut off part of the tank and send it to them. Worth a shot.
  8. Adamthomas

    Where to find?

    Thanks guys! I have another bike in the works. Guess what it could possibly be!
  9. Adamthomas

    Where to find?

    Tagged and titled in CT. I'll accept offers. Runs as clean as it looks. Registered as a MC, so should be no issues in your state.
  10. Adamthomas

    XR650R what should I replace?

    Clutch bushing needs to be looked at. Adjust your valves, make sure you lose the flapper plate in the carb with a 1 piece unit, you should be good to ride. Good choice on the R. Love mine to death.
  11. Adamthomas

    Xr650r exhaust options/opinions

    You can just weld on the right amount of core to make your setup keep its packing. Ya you gotta drill the rivets but you gotta replace the packing anyways. I don't think there is much to be gained over an aftermarket exhaust on the R except weight loss. A stock setup with HRC tip makes the same increase in HP. I'd fix what you have personally. Looks good!
  12. Adamthomas

    PART NEEDED, please help

    If you call Partszilla they will overnight deliver as well.
  13. Adamthomas


    Check your air cutoff diaphragm for any holes or tears. It's on the side of the carb. Also where is your jetting, stock? Any exhaust leaks?
  14. Adamthomas

    GPR Damper XR650R fit an XR650L

    Same pics I was going to put up. If you call GPR, they will sell you individual components such as the pin mount if they make one for the L model. I had an older version GPR stabilizer and called them for a rebuild and parts, and they told me to send in my old stabilizer, and they would send me a new one, giving me a huge credit for my old stuff. One of the guys there has an R, so they understand what you're trying to accomplish. Just keep in mind that you still have to bolt the stabilizer to your triple clamp, and that clamp needs to accept the forks, smaller diameter on the L model.
  15. Adamthomas

    XR650R valve adjust question

    Mine did the same as the bike sat for a while before I got it. Mine would make the valve noise until you blipped the throttle to kick out the auto decomp. But mine only did it on the first cold start of the day, and over time it stopped altogether. I think turning up my idle helped this too.