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  1. flywheels

    2015 XT top end piston size

    Thank you, redhurricane. After consulting my dealer, I've put them together. I'll go do a break-in ride tomorrow.
  2. flywheels

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    197. Next time, I'll try 150.
  3. flywheels

    2015 XT top end piston size

    Thanks for the quick reply wwguy. I do not have a bore gauge to measure the cylinder. , Therefore, I used my caliper to measure both the cylinder and piston Cylinder skirt: 71.96 Piston skirt: 71.92 Old piston skirt: 71.87 After careful measuring the ring gap again: I got 0.25mm which is perfect. Old ring gap at 0.5mm btw. Now the only question is that if the 0.04mm clearance between the piston and cylinder is good for completing the build. Vertex site called for 0.05mm, oh boy!
  4. flywheels

    2015 XT top end piston size

    Hi, While trying to assemble the top end, I discovered the piston I received has size 71.95mm. My bike has A size for top end which according to Beta manual needs 71.935-71.945mm. Did my dealer make a mistake? Edit: I did measure the ring gap right at 0.2mm though.
  5. flywheels

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    My 2015 XT is due for a top end. Everything looked nice and clean other than the power valves. I'm tired of scraping and brushing the power valves and called it good. Ready for assembly tomorrow.
  6. flywheels

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    I stand corrected. Thank you. After breaking in, I now adjust the race sag in full gear to 90mm and the static sag is at 35mm. I think that's good enough for me.
  7. flywheels

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Installed the shock and BPS fork cartridge last week but the latest is the shock spring installed yesterday. The marker on the front rotor guard to drill a hole, so that I can access the compression clicker. I ordered the Fox shock from Sierra BMW Beta and ordered the spring based on my riding weight. After installing the shock, I found the spring is way too soft, 45-48 mm free sag and 95mm race sag without gear, 150 lbs. After contacting the dealer, the response is that Beta would ask for the spring to be sent back for a check. I went ahead ordered the Eibach 325 spring. Will need some break in riding and check the sag again.
  8. flywheels

    Reed Valve Replacement?

    That makes sense. I'll work on that this week. Thanks. Thanks.
  9. flywheels

    Reed Valve Replacement?

    My 2015 XT seems to run leaner each time I go riding. Although I don't feel lose of power, I may need to replace reed valve. Have anyone done that yet? Where did you get the parts and are there any upgrade? Thanks.
  10. flywheels

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    I finally installed the Rekluse last Sunday and taken off the Clake 2. Rekluse installation is simple enough and test ride feels pretty good. However, while installing the SLR, I found that I got a wrong adapter for the Nissin rear brake. A week gone by and have not yet heard anything from Owen, sigh! Please forgive my rant.
  11. flywheels

    Deals on Boano stuff?

    I'm still waiting patiently for the fork update debut from Beta. Then, I'll check out each options before deciding which way to go. The Boano kit looks like a great deal though.
  12. flywheels

    Hand guards

    I bend two sets of Cycra with my WR250F. They are good ones but as bad of a rider as I'm, or you can say that I'm a good bike dropper. They would not hold up. When I got my XT, I went with HDB. After two seasons of riding and plenty of dropping my bike and crashes, they are still holding up, highly recommended.
  13. flywheels

    How do you afford your Beta?

    Factory sales rep. Been saving up for a new bike since 2012 and bought a new 2014 KTM 300 in 2013. After my brand new bike got stolen in a couple of weeks, I got the insurance claim for the bike and most of the upgrades. While I was searching for another bike in Nov. 2014, I stumbled upon the announcement of the XT.
  14. flywheels

    Xtrainer TPS Reassembly

    After checking my carb, there's a marking on top of the TPS and carb body. I believe that's the factory calibration mark.
  15. flywheels

    Beta xtrainer jetting

    The point we're trying to make to you is that the spooge contains oil for sure but the oil's presence was due to unburn gas. The richer the jetting the more spooge you'll get, doesn't matter it's oil injection or premix. Besides, XT has oil injection which is controled by TPS and injecting more oil when rev up, which is how the oil ratio should be. BTW, the oil is injected directly into the crank case, not carb.