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  1. kangaroos123

    rear shock

    might be a stupid question but the rear shock reservoir on a 2007 yz 125 what sort of pressure should it be pumped up with and is it just compressed air or nitrogen thanks for your help
  2. kangaroos123

    rear shocker

    Hey guys got the rear shocker out of my sons 2007 yz 125 i just bought this bike and looking for some help on getting all the different adjustments back to standard ie how many turns on each one etc any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. kangaroos123


    hey guys pulling the carby off my 2007 yz 125 just wondering if anyone knows the standard main jet and pilot jet size for this bike I have to start somewhere
  4. kangaroos123

    fuel mixture

    thanks for your help will let you know how it goes after next ride
  5. kangaroos123

    fuel mixture

    he has just stepped of a ttr 125 onto the yz so he is struggling a bit with the power and height of the yz so was thinking about 25-1 to make sure all is good at low revs
  6. kangaroos123

    fuel mixture

    gidday guys just bought my son 2007 yz 125 not sure what fuel mixture to run it on any help would be appreciated