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  1. Surprised that this new clutch perch did not fit my oversized grips. Didn't know they made one bigger than the other? Thanks
  2. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-u1K96JWtXDM/UYOyOMTu8oI/AAAAAAAAr-4/F-FOU3T7NkA/s1600/Yamaha+YZ+450+FM+MX1+2013+10.jpg
  3. Austrianbloodline

    2001 yz250 suitable for motocross racing?

    Make sense to me
  4. Austrianbloodline

    2001 yz250 suitable for motocross racing?

    Can I tune the suspension myself? And thank you I was told this bike is only good for off roading and not racing. But I would think this bike is nowhere set up for off roading haha. Just need to stop listening to people like this
  5. Austrianbloodline

    2001 yz250 suitable for motocross racing?

    2001 yz250 suitable for motocross racing or not?
  6. I thought since my bike was a 2001 that no other rear fender or rear side panels would work but 01's Including ufo restyles, cause those are for 02+ Right?
  7. Am I hearing this right...you can make a yz250 look like a 2013 yz250f? http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/86111/Motorcycle-Photo-Gallery-Photo/2013-Yamaha-YZ250F-First-Ride.aspx What about if I have a 2001 yz250 with a converted 2004 tank?
  8. Is the UFO restyle kit worth it? For the yz250....anybody have some before and after pics or something like that? Thanks!
  9. Can I put a newer year yz250 air box in my 2001 yz250? Can't remember to be honest...mine needs to be replaced Any newer rear fenders that would work on my bike also?
  10. Lol nevermind guys I was thinking of something totally different. I got everything hooked up with ease Thanks!
  11. Austrianbloodline

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    2 stroke here Yamaha yz250
  12. Manual isn't working for me, need to visually see it. I would really appreciate it!
  13. Easiest way to put motor in 01 yz250 frame? Complete motor with carb. Thanks!
  14. Austrianbloodline

    what is the best brand of bike?

    They all have positives and negatives, not really a better dirt bike brand out there. All pretty good