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  1. Bilbo250

    2 stroke oil question

    A very little bit of 2 stroke oil has to do quite a lot of protecting so I would recommend using the best quality specially designed MX oil you can find. Plenty of opinions here as which is best.
  2. Bilbo250

    RM85 gearbox disassembly

    Thanks for reply. That worked great. Almost back together now. Mates grandson going to be thrilled as it will be his first step up from the riding the 65 to the 85.
  3. Bilbo250

    RM85 gearbox disassembly

    Just a quick question please. Trying to remove the end gear off the shaft for a RM85 gearbox. Its pressed on. Do I need to heat or just cold press it off? Thank you
  4. Bilbo250

    Linkage arm bearings

    The easier easiest way to remove them is to run a bead of mig round the inside of the bearing and then push or pull them out. Gives you something to push against.
  5. Bilbo250

    Damaged crank taper

    Thank you for the advice Unsure I can move the stator back though as it bolts onto the end of the engine and cutting the end off the crankcase may adversely impact performance. I could possibly file down the back of the stator plate 1/2 mm I was going to tidy up the flywheel a little but the more I remove the further up the taper the flywheel sits. Its just an kx80 that is just a muck about toy now so just want the easiest fix.
  6. I have an old 2 stroke engine that has a damaged taper and flywheel where its come loose in the past. Its not really bad but it means the flywheel sits a little to far back on the shaft. It rubs on the stator. Planning to try a cone shaped taper, brass or aluminium, to build it up a touch. Plan is cut out a rectangle for key and use loctite 660 on shaft and loctite on the nut also. Has anyone done this? Any thoughts, advise or words or warning?
  7. Bilbo250


    Firstly sorry to revisit an old post but my Son in law just broke this same part also on an 04 CRF250. I seriously makes it a mongrel to start. On his it's just the weight that broken off and the shaft is intact. Anyone tried to fix it up? Was thinking of putting a spot of weld on it, its throw away otherwise anyway.
  8. Bilbo250

    Compression Tester

    A leakdown tester cost me under $20 to make.
  9. Bilbo250

    What caused this to blow

    Might have been better off with the lawn mower Cant see any sign of chain damage around the hole or on the carb so I add my name to the list of people saying 'inside bits wanting to get out' causing the issue. Hope to be wrong as that could get expensive. Also hard to disagree with Davidhar
  10. 1984 KX80 followed by 1989 KX250. The 80 now only gets pulled out when the nieces and nephews visit because they harp on about having a ride but the Grups are city folk and too scared to get on a bigger bike.
  11. Bilbo250

    New chain required

    Hi. Hopefully a very quick Q & A and sorry for the newb question I need a new chain for my 01 CR250r Found a listing for an EK 520SR06 120 link O ring listed as a Motocross chain but website lists it as an On road. Is it ok to use?
  12. Bilbo250

    2001 cr 250 review

    Yes. Great bike. I love it. Remember its 14 year old technology now so newer bikes have advantages in power delivery and handling but its still a pretty good bike. For pure raw fun you cant beat it.
  13. Bilbo250

    Techno bikes

    So no one is heading the queue for the Yamaha PED1? or the fold away bike from the Oblivion movie I am fascinated with the ideas that come up with each new release or revision of the bikes but ultimately I think Monk has hit the nail on the head with the comment about not being able to work on them. We are really caught between between a soap cart and a spaceshuttle.
  14. Bilbo250

    Techno bikes

    I was reading the specs on the new 15 CRF450r. It is an awesome piece of machinery with the new engine mode button controlling the power delivery system etc. I began wondering about where all this is heading. In the last few years we have button changeable suspension, electric start, fuel injection, electronic ignition and hydraulic clutches. We have emission testing, sound reduction and the list goes on and on with computer controlled this and digital that. Are we heading for limited slip rear wheels, ABS and automatic transmission on our solar powered battery bikes complete with air bags and anti-roll cages? I am not anti-technology, in fact I earn my crust as a system engineer but are we losing something unique and special with dirt bikes when we become too scared to take them outside and get them dirty. For me, I go to the track to separate myself from the technology I am surrounded with everywhere else so the simplier the better but I also realise that my 01 CR was wildly ahead of its time when it was built. What techno bits that are avaliable now would like to have on your bike? And What do you think the bikes of 2030 will be like?
  15. Done. 6.5% of us are nerds