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  1. fartlekxc

    Stock handguards?

    darn, wish I would have seen this earlier... ordered a set the other day. Thanks anyway.
  2. fartlekxc

    Stock handguards?

    Anyone still using the stock handguards? I just picked up my first XRL last week and have been having a blast roaming around on some cold days. The previous owner took the stock handguards off, but said he will look for them in his garage and let me know if he finds them. I'll probably throw em back on if he does. I'm really just looking for some wind protection during cold weather commuting at this point. Can't keep my fingers warm on high speed runs. Will the stock handguards help with wind protection during cold days?
  3. Thanks all. My other option is a 97 xrl with 5900 miles. I know the owner that has put almost all those mile on it. He's gentle on his equipment and takes care of it. Mostly stock with an aftermarket tank and new rear tire on the side. It has been sitting for about 4 years though. He wants 1800 for it. Better deal? P.S. in the 4 years that it's been sitting, he lost the title. He's trying to find it/replace it. I've been waiting about 3 weeks for him to get the title straightened out. That's why I have been considering the above posted bike!
  4. Anyone mind checking out this link for me and letting me know what you think of this bike? Does the $2500 asking price seem about right to you? How many more miles would you expect to get out of a machine like this (obviously a ton of variables as to how the previous owner(s) took care of it)? This might be my first dual sport. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/mcy/4104582489.html Below is text from craigslist add: Up for sale/ trade is a 1994 Honda XR650L dual sport motorcycle. 90XXmiles. Starts easy(electric), runs great. Brand new front tire, rear tire better than 60%. No parts or repairs needed. Ready for the streets or trails. Lots of torque, easily does 70mph on the highway with plenty of gear left. Clean title in hand. I did lower the bike with a lowering link, it's about 1 3/4" lower than stock. Lots of other aftermarket parts installed, much better than stock. Still have the factory parts that were removed, and a bunch of extras to go with. Aftermarket parts/ work done: - Supertrapp exhaust - carb jetted and tuned, Uni foam air filter - Uni airbox vents - Koubalink lowering link (lowered triple clamps to balance) - Ricochet skid plate - RSW Fork Brace (helps in gravel, bumps, & ruts, rave reviews on the forums) - IMS 4.0 oversized fuel tank w/ custom XR tank graphics - IMS Super Stock footpegs - Trail Tech X2 Dual Sport headlight (upgraded to 55w high beam from 35w) - Tusk Chub big bar w/ Tusk big bar mounts - Tusk D Flex bark buster Handguards - new Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips - Russel braided steel front brake line - Acerbis supermoto front fender - steel luggage rack - WPS low profile tail light, looks a lot better than the OEM TV set, brighter than stock too - NGK Iridium spark plug - low mileage on Renthal chain and sprockets - Heavy Duty tubes front and back - D.I.D. Rims, new rim lock on rear - aftermarket seat cover As far as trades go, would like to find a smaller dual sport. Possible other street bikes. Must have title in hand. Any other ideas, let me know. Cash, your trade + cash, or trade straight up if it's worth it. In no way do I have to sell it, just seeing what's out there. Serious inquiries only! Thanks!
  5. fartlekxc

    to buy or not to buy... my factors to consider

    also, i have spent a lot of time on a DRZ400S (actually get paid to ride it about once a week : ) Should i expect a crf250l to handle about like a DRZ on the highway?
  6. fartlekxc

    to buy or not to buy... my factors to consider

    6'1" and 170lbs... not gonna do a whole lot of mods in the 1st year. Can't find a dealership around here that will let me test ride one!
  7. fartlekxc

    to buy or not to buy... my factors to consider

    clarification: "around town" includes many middle of nowhere Carolina dirt/sand roads, so I'm definitely looking to go the dual sport direction.
  8. I'm a new poster here folks. I've been reading through the forums for a bit, but would like some input on my specific situation. I'm about to buy a CRF250L for occasional commuting and running around for fun. But, I just found out my mother has cancer... this means I'll be taking a trip about once a month for appx. 2.5hrs down the highway at 65-70mph speeds to my parents to help out with the cancer treatments. I'm a pretty young feller so I can handle getting beat up by the wind a bit. Pretty much the whole trip down to my parents is flat interstate riding. I'm thinking I might need something a little bigger than the 250 now. What do you think? Other than the monthly trip down to my parents' I'll mostly be riding around town and maybe highway commuting about 25 miles to work once a week. Sooooo... can this little 250 handle some trips down flat SC interstate, or should I start looking at BRP's and the like?