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  1. Verdict was shim in crooked, caused piston to hit valve and make worse, shaving metal from the intake valve bucket, then bam, all heck. Cam carrier replaced, new bucket, polished cam, new shims and reset timing. Than,s guys, your diagnosis was spot on.
  2. Agree. But still need help.
  3. Got two strokes too … not mad. Just want to figure this puzzle out. You mad me laugh (at myself) at least.
  4. I am baffled … took it apart again and found the right intake shim offset in it's little pocket. Not sure how that happened? I checked the clearance with it all back together and it was in spc … did the piston hit the alve causing it to knock the shim out of the retainer? The bucket/lifter is burned/heat marked … metal shavings in cylinder head assembly. Super small flakes (salt grain) was in the oil … would this be from the bottom end then? Cylinder walls are perfect … piston rings, good, piton had carbon mark from valve that had builup on it … Kick starter kicks fine with cylinder head off … not locked up … what is going on? Opinions please. WIll post photos next.
  5. Yes. Wound it.
  6. I already adding that oil to other recycle sorry. They were super tiny, like salt if not smaller. I guess i will tear it back down. I did video of noise. Will try and post. Video here: http://vimeo.com/107255280
  7. Drained oil ... Small flakes of brass ... Guess I messed up bad!
  8. HELP!!!! 150r ran good, louder noise (?) while idle. Let it run for a good ten minutes. Then took up street. Back fired and cut off, started right back up, but cuts of and makes a metal noise. Turned off immediately. I replaced piston, rings, and valve shims ... What could be happening? Gonna check oil for metal/brass.
  9. Oil. Change starts first kick. Timing was spot on. Now there is a tick. Is that valves having more clearance?
  10. Just finished putting in new piston and ring, plus valve shims on my son's Honda CRF150r... And my question is: is there anything I need to do before starting it for the first time? I did slow kicks and everything seems to be smooth. Compression feels much, much better. Do I need to put fresh oil in? It was ridden once for about an hour or two after I changed oil and filter last. Comments please ... First top end for me so I am nervous.
  11. Also, check your breather/drain hoses and make sure they are not clogged up. His had a kink in it … making pressure buildup which blew the seal.
  12. Same thing happened with my kid's 70 … it was the countershaft seal … quick and easy fix.
  13. I only ask because I have Park Tool brand to work on bicycles, did not know if there was a need for industrial version, I guess I don' see going up to 200 pounds, correct?