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  1. Maybe the bearings are shitbeaten. There should be a big washer behind the axle nut.
  2. Growing plants is fun. Especially in Washington.
  3. +1, That's all I'd do for the street. Might as well do the brake line too at the same time. I'm a chicken when it comes to stoppies but I did a nice one the other day when a car pulled out in front of me. Felt good, I'd like to get over the fear and do them more often.
  4. Headlight. Probably a bigger stator. I chose a WR over the YZ for the wide ratio transmission.
  5. The 5 valve motors have a good reputation for reliability. I don't know much about the new motor.
  6. Now why didn't I think of that?
  7. I didn't have a giant hex key to take out the timing plug. I stuck the head of a bolt in there, 9/16 I think it was, and jammed two nuts on it and got it out that way. That sucker was torqued down pretty good.
  8. Looks like a speedometer sensor. You can probably get another one from Trailtech or whoever makes your speedometer.
  9. Most of the stock pro tapers are 31.5" I have 30.5" woods bars on my wr250x. Some people go narrower than that. You don't want to cut too much off and not have room for your levers and switches and stuff.
  10. I would trim the bars and put them on. I've messed up a lot of levers in my day without good handguards.
  11. I think I have a tusk out back and a quad master with built in switch up front. So far so good. I have a spare tusk that used to be up front. If they both shit the bed I'll probably get a baja designs.
  12. I have a full time supermoto so I wouldn't want one. If I get another bike for the woods I will seriously consider one.
  13. There's probably a sub-harness that has plugs for the turn signals, brake light switch, horn, and the left side switch assembly, high beam indicator, green turn signal dash lamp, forgot about those 2; oh yeah, neutral light. The harness might have a couple pins to tap into those connectors for ground and 12V. I don't know where to buy those 6 pin joint connector assemblies, they would make for a clean install. I use posi-twists which are nice but they don't look factory.
  14. What color are the wires? That doesn't make sense to connect a ground to a bunch of hot wires, the fuse would blow. Yamaha uses black for ground, brown is switched positive and red is positive.