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  1. strongbrown

    KX 250 issues.

    Thanks guys! I need one of those manuals, for sure. I'll look into your other suggestions as well Bilbo250.
  2. strongbrown

    KX 250 issues.

    Hi all! I'm new to this and recently bought a 1995 kx250 2 stroke. There are 3 issues it's having which may or may not be related. I've been searching the forums for answers but I'm not sure what to look for. The shops I've called all refuse to tell me anything over the phone and want me to bring it in and tear it down without even giving me a ball park expectation on cost- $10? $1,000? I'd rather learn how to do it myself if possible. Please and Thank You!!! 1. The oil is milky white 5 minutes after changing it. 2. The kickstarter will occasionally spin freely instead of engaging and turning over the engine. It's intermittent. 3. The clutch won't disengage. When the kickstarter works, it starts right up no problem, but when I put it into gear, the engine dies as it tries to lurch forward. I twisted the knob on the handle all the way and it helped a little, but not enough. It won't idle in gear with the clutch pulled in, it just dies. Any help is super appreciated! Any other information I should supply? I'll continue searching also and try and learn more about this bike.