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  1. bronco1968

    82 xr500 overheating?

    yes the bore is two sizes over i believe stock is 89 mm and it was 89.5 untill i put a 90mm piston in. also i have not rejetted it yet, i moved the clip on the needle 2 spaces richer, and did not want to adjust the main jet untill it was fully broke in and i could hold wide open throttle to look at the plug. I will probabally put a larger main jet in now, but i am worried that damage is happening. it dosent feel like it, and it runs great otherwise. has any body else ever had this happen, or can explain why the motor would temperally seize. my plan is new plug, sythetic oil change, bigger main jet, and ride it, but i am kind of scared to damage the motor, and cannot afford another rebuild.
  2. bronco1968

    82 xr500 overheating?

    i have a 82 xr500 with a new piston 2 sizes bigger, kn style air filter and the inside taken out of the exuhast. it is like 85-90 degrees outside and when i ride up hill for like 15 min the engine seises and the tire locks up. if i pull the clutch in for a few seconds i can pop it out and the bike restarts. i am worried it is over heating mabey too lean, could that cause this? i only have approx 150 mi new piston.