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  1. Hawnsolo

    rear rack, what do you have?

    Received my Deluxe DRZ rack from Tonn's and installed it today. It's really well made and looks good other than when you look at it from the back of the bike it is skewed about a 1/4" to the left after several try's at tweaking it in the vice I gave up an decided to live with it. It's a great design and very functional with several options for attachment points but I was a little disappointed with the fit. I emailed Tonn's and told them basically what I stated above and haven't received a response as of yet. I did read a thread on another site of someone else having the same problem. Like I said though I like the rack well enough to live with it being off center the disappointment is about the price I figured it should have been a perfect fit. Just my two cent review.
  2. Hawnsolo

    rear rack, what do you have?

    I just ordered the Tonns deluxe a bit pricey but IMO the best looking and functional. Should get it tomorrow will let you know how it works out.