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  1. My bike is the same as yours. You can make adjustment by removing motor mount then loosen throttle body clamps at air box and motor then turn throttle body down to access top screws to tps. My bike had stock setting of .54. Volts so I set to .57 after removing exhaust screens and de smog . I just finished removing intake reeds and set voltage to .64. Bike still starts ,idles and revs quickly without any hesitation but won't be riding it again till middle of the month. I rode mine completely stock before touching anything and it has always ran perfect😁. I'd like to do oil analysis later to make sure fuel isn't to rich and getting into oil
  2. I put the black one from my bag on but didn't notice a huge difference.both seem quicker than street bike. Mine is 2017 350[emoji3]
  3. What does your manual say? [emoji6][emoji10]
  4. I pick up my 2017 350EXC-F next week. Didn't want the 500 as I won't be riding road much and am looking for something lighter than my 1999 WR400f was in weight and how it handles.
  5. Mine had some garbage in it that was fine in warm weather but got real stiff in the cold. Got Magura Blood hydraulic oil from KTM dealer and it's perfect even at 0*f
  6. Grey plastic 90 fitting and short hose to vent power valve
  7. My 05 125 ax had 13-49 gearing when I got it so I tried to be cheap and put a 12 on the front [emoji45] to close. Went back to stock 13-50 and am happy . No sixth gear makes them slow top speed so I think that's why people gear them up[emoji3]
  8. Put a FMF Q on my 2005 125sx and am quite happy with it. much quieter below power band and yet doesn't choke the power much overall
  9. Nice bike , it looks your chain is to tight to me. check your manual
  10. Read from the start, and the other post started about the same issue. I see this thread as more about bitching not as much problem solving. Difference of opinion which now makes you look like a dick to me to .Have a nice day
  11. That post seem more to me like coming to my house and calling my wife fat and ugly then looking for help.500 hours? don't believe it. Yes I've owned and rode a few Honda cr 250s but they weren't as magical as every 80s and 90s magazine would have us think.If Yamaha didn't make the yz400f Honda would still flog xr 400s . Honda makes decent quads now, none I'd want but they were garbage when I bought an Outlander in 2005, drum brakes ,under powered and air cooled. And I did comment in the OPs other thread. Are you the forum police?
  12. I felt the same about my 05 125sx till I moved he handle bars forward letting me wieght the front wheel better
  13. 500 hours? on an hour meter or just guessing? You should sell it quick before the skirts crack and fall off that old piston cause the cylinder is probably screwed to.To much BC bud out there? If the Honda was so great why the KTM in the first place? Why are you comparing a trail bike to a full Motocross bike?
  14. Told you he's a cop? Should've ran right then as that tells me he's a liar,a dick or both .So it got put together without the inner race?
  15. I've looked at my 2005 manual for the same reasons, 5th gear is to slow.From what I see you should be able to use both 6th gear ratio from an EXC 125.Everything else like shift drums use the same part # from one to the other. 6G20 idler gear (50333009100) and sliding gear 6th 6G20 for the countershaft (50333005100 should do it.I've never had mine apart yet so I'm not the expert but when it comes apart I'll do mine.I see the same as you, looks like idler gear should be there on the main shaft,? call a dealer see what they say?