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  1. Dirt Bike magazine explained the pros and cons of all your asking about a few issues ago. YouTube and forums can give a lot a garbage info from people that have opinions but only know about what they read elsewhere. The biggest difference between the bikes with be years later when parts become obsolete from manufacture and little aftermarket parts available. I couldn’t buy a KTM in the 80s for that same reason, no dealers. Enjoy your new bike [emoji41]
  2. superwd6

    2017 service manual ?

    I’m waiting for CD now ☹️
  3. Ordered service manual for my 350excf over a month ago and still haven’t heard from dealer. Was told when I ordered there was no arrival date but seriously ? Am I supposed to follow some clown on you tube now for service? I’m not looking for free one but has anybody got a manual from KTM yet?
  4. It’s good to get old as mines $469 a year but for 350 EXCF [emoji16] .
  5. Check with a broker that sells Northbridge. 31 years ago I was with pilot till they merged or something with Aviva . Thought I was being treated right by Newman ,Oliver and McCarten till I sold wr400f and bought FZ6 in 2005 .Then my cheapest insurance went to “we don’t insure sport bike” . I said my minivan goes 100mph but I don’t ,why screw me now on street bike? That’s when I was forced to deal with different company’s . I should’ve switched about 5 years ago when my daughter got her own policy lmao [emoji23]
  6. Had been with tdinsurance for the las 8 years and again prices kept going up so that’s why I left. I could go on about crooked Ontario insurance industry all day and not just about motorcycles. I’ve owned a home for 22 years with 0 claims and 31 years of driving with a cracked windshield claim 24 years ago! Believe me ,insurance company’s love me but I shouldn’t have to keep swapping for price when all I do is pay! Suspect issue is ownership says only EX under model of ownership and I haven’t had problems since[emoji16]. Northbridge insurance covers my house,vehicles ,ATV sand new Ktm for less than all the others.
  7. Bought my 350 EXC-F last December 20 ,picked it up in January from dealer 3hours away. New insurance company last year so they were sent sales contract with all info on bike. Few weeks later sent picture of ownership stating VIN # and bike type colour etc. Last week I get request for pict of back of ownership where street plate “sticker” goes for valid street plate.Today I get apology from the very nice broker who has saved me over $105 a month from previous company saying Northbridge Insurance want pict of VIN plate of bike. I sent her message stating I’m sure they want to make sure it doesn’t say “ for off road use only” and sent her half assed pict. Told her if they wanted more they could contact KTM Canada OR pay my time and dealers for this crap. Bought this bike as XCF is useless when I can drive my quad right up the road[emoji849] but not a dirt bike. Anybody else live in Ontario where Insurance company’s run the government ?
  8. 15 years ago Burned stated the needle and spring were the most important parts of the kit. Followed his instructions exactly for a huge improvement over stock running [emoji2]
  9. Just did this on my bike. Found I left kill switch off lmao . Ktm is like my 05 outlander quad where starter cranks forever but no start.Polaris and Yamaha won’t roll starter if kill switch off. My face was red [emoji33][emoji4]
  10. superwd6

    2017 500- Rod bearing...toast!?

    So what happened? I love a good oil thread [emoji23]🧐
  11. superwd6

    2017 KTM 350 EXC-F TPS TOOL Adjust Voltage

    My bike is the same as yours. You can make adjustment by removing motor mount then loosen throttle body clamps at air box and motor then turn throttle body down to access top screws to tps. My bike had stock setting of .54. Volts so I set to .57 after removing exhaust screens and de smog . I just finished removing intake reeds and set voltage to .64. Bike still starts ,idles and revs quickly without any hesitation but won't be riding it again till middle of the month. I rode mine completely stock before touching anything and it has always ran perfect😁. I'd like to do oil analysis later to make sure fuel isn't to rich and getting into oil
  12. I put the black one from my bag on but didn't notice a huge difference.both seem quicker than street bike. Mine is 2017 350[emoji3]
  13. What does your manual say? [emoji6][emoji10]
  14. I pick up my 2017 350EXC-F next week. Didn't want the 500 as I won't be riding road much and am looking for something lighter than my 1999 WR400f was in weight and how it handles.
  15. superwd6

    2004 200exc - ATF / Dex in hydraulic clutch?

    Mine had some garbage in it that was fine in warm weather but got real stiff in the cold. Got Magura Blood hydraulic oil from KTM dealer and it's perfect even at 0*f