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  1. Thelong1

    Is my stater bad? Electrical prob?

    Thanks, I was wondering how I could get a proper Wattage reading. The battery is new, the old battery was bad Good to know! I will make sure the battery is plugged in to measure the correct voltage. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP!!!! Hopefully it is that stater, if it isn't, I will have NO CLUE what to do...
  2. Thelong1

    Is my stater bad? Electrical prob?

    Alright, I look into getting some bulbs to see if I can determine the Wattage. I wish there was an easier way to determine that though...
  3. Hello, I recently purchased a used dual sport XR4 that is not properly recharging its battery. However, with a fully charged battery, all my turn signals work as well as my horn. I am running a 55 Watt head light and at idle my stater is producing about 20 volts AC. It produces around 40 AC when revved. I just purchased a new regulator thinking that it was bad since it was only circulating 5 volts but my new Baja Designs DC regulator/rectifier also only circulates 6 volts DC . Consequently, it is not charging my battery. Unfortunately I do not know if I have a stock stater or not, but if it is then it should be producing at least 55 or up to 90 watts (so says information on other forums). Also, my voltmeter can not measure watts so I am not sure if my stater is to blame or if I need to do something else. ***I disconnect my headlight to see if that would increase the volts coming out of my rectifier but it actually decreased the amount of volts coming from the rectifier...is that normal? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
  4. Thelong1

    XR 400 Road tires

    Awesome. Thank you for the reply and thank you ES44AC for the specific tire sizing you are using. I guess I will keep looking around, I may just buy an extra set of rims so I can just swap out Knobbies with street tires with ease. I live in the city so I am going to be either on the road or hauling my bike to some trails where I can ride dirt. That way I can have the best performance all around....
  5. Thelong1

    XR 400 Road tires

    Hey there, I am just learning to ride and I recently purchased a plated XR. I have read suggestions for: Bridgestone BT45's Avon Distanzias Avon Gripsters Shinko-705 Continental-TKC 80 Metzeler Lasertec Nevertheless, there is a bit of mixed communication as to best performance and size for the standard 18/21 rims. For my purposes I just want something that will handle well on paved roads with some cornering abilities. I have never gone dirt biking but I got a dual sport thinking I may eventually ride some trails, therefore, I am also considering a good dual sport tire. Any links or information would be helpful. Attached is a pic. of my new joy