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  1. i have the same question as Devil1*. Curious?
  2. Yea a bolt on for that type of bike would be fine.
  3. Ya use simple green you'll actually get a more tacky, sticky feeling w it. Works great
  4. Yes esp if your losing enough compression it wont do anything. Hope u didnt buy like that. You will probably need a new head on it for it to work properly as it should.
  5. Yea sure , the next thing i would get is a CRADLE unless your only 100 lbs. it was the 2nd thing i got upgrade wise besides Pro Taper big bars for my old 50cc. & it is very important esp if you plan on riding it hard & jumping at all youll get hurt if you dont have it on & are jumping it. Itll rip your foot bar right out of the casing and the bikes done until you get a mew engine or replace the casing. Just fyi
  6. Craigslist man Lol i got a bike, if your gonna do chinese pitbike make sure its(SSR newer stuff, piranha, pitster pro, otherwise there probably not worth the time
  7. Yea lol that means its a 50cc forsure but like i said if ur wanting to order parts or w/e its not gonna matter because 50cc & 70cc are all the same.
  8. Yea thats a horrible chinese make not worth putting a penny into. If it runs id Try to sell
  9. Yea look on the cyl head it should be right there its stamped (get a well lit area or flashlight ect). Im pretty sure all the parts for 50 & 70cc chinese bikes are the same anyway.
  10. Ah come to think of it I had the same problem on another ssr 110 but only laid it down for a sec so i didnt know what it was, magneto & stator is what made it start again. Esp if ur not getting spark very good chance its the stator. I think u found the answer yourself. & the CDI's on tbolt are great upgrades!
  11. Thanks wanted to hear what everyone else thought sounds like ill play w the pilot & see wat i come up with
  12. Thanks for input
  13. Yea i wouldnt go w/ a Chinese big bike pitbike maybe, the fact your using alot of suspension travel and are going at a way faster speed jumping doubles, triples, & going thro whoops just sounds uneasy and could be dangerous. Lol Honda, yamaha, kawasaki, suzuki, ktm. You could prolly get a used 125 or 250 for the price of the chinese 250f
  14. 50cc
  15. if your looking for alot more outta 1st & 2nd simply put a 420 17 tooth front sprocket on and keep rear stock. If your having chain break issues and since you need to order parts anyway. what i did was put all 428 front, rear sprockets and 428 chain holds very well with smaller bike. Hope that helped some