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    I live in sonoma co.,I only ride mx & I love the Dodgers!
  1. yz250 947

    What did you do to your YZ today?

    I pulled spark arrestor off and pulled the subframe muffler mounts back out after nailing a tree yesterday. I dont know how the radiator or bars survived! Shroud super scraped&gouged. Shattered my visor on my helmet,super bruised up. No more trail riding for me,back to mx only from here on out.
  2. yz250 947

    05 crf450r glowing exuast

    From sea level to up to 3000'-& from 75/85 deg. To 35 low with 60 by afternoons.I actually made 2changes,I went from a 42pilot to a 45,& premix from 32:1 to 40:1.
  3. yz250 947

    Where did you ride?

    Cow mountain again,effed myself up good today too! Head on into a tree. Broke helmet,bent a few things on the bike &banged myself up pretty good. I think I'm done with the trail riding for awhile,sticking with MX,I'm much better at mx! Lmao
  4. yz250 947

    05 crf450r glowing exuast

    Thats what I thought as well,shouldn't it be the other way around?-its actually how it worked out to fix the lean bog- went richer for cold temps&up in elevation. On the orginal topic tho,once he ran the premix out of it,it stopped glowing! Lmao darn thing kept wanting to die at an idle now &then tho.
  5. yz250 947

    Tuning your suspension - Where to start?

    Im at 105mm race sag &30mm free sag,forks sprung for my weight aswell,And it works very well now. I was fighting it having to soft of fork springs,but since having that changed,its night&day. I thought of changing rear spring at one time,but my problem was mostly in feont being way to soft...so I cant see changing anything now that it works so well for me.
  6. yz250 947

    Now thats some rain

    Right on man,I hope to see you there bro. I was just gonna send you a message about sunday.
  7. yz250 947

    Now thats some rain

    Were going sunday,will be there at cow by 9.
  8. yz250 947

    Now thats some rain

    Proper bikes&gear here too! Lmao
  9. yz250 947

    Now thats some rain

    Ahh shoot! Lmao Thought it was a fuel tank. Still want one tho! Hahaha
  10. yz250 947

    05 crf450r glowing exuast

    I thought when you go up in elevation &colder temps you would wanna go fatter/richer on the jetting? I run a 42Pilot in summertime&sea level(mx),but this winter took bike up to mountains in 40 deg temps &had a lean bog,swapped the 42 with a 45 readjusted the air screw& whammo! Runs titties. Grantrd I'm talking about my yz 2stroke. Perhaps its different with the 4stroke
  11. yz250 947

    Now thats some rain

    That's awesome! Lol I need one of those auxiliary fuel tank #plates!
  12. yz250 947

    05 crf450r glowing exuast

    What caused it on your bike? Did you figure it out?Im really leaning towards him putting premix fuel for his stupid weedwacker in it. People amaze me. If he'd mentioned that up front I wouldn't have even posted this!lmmfao
  13. yz250 947

    05 crf450r glowing exuast

    He just told me he put premixed fuel in it. My god man! Now Im wondering how it ran ok now. That would throw everything off jetting wise wouldn't it?