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    drc tailight owners! read this!

    These tailights have no waterproofing done what so ever to them. Water pools and corrodes the licence plate led board. After spending around an hour rebuilding this board I used silicone to seal it all. I used silicone in 3 areas which include the clear part of the lens to the red part, where the lens mates with the housing and the wiring entering the housing. The 47 ohm, 100 ohm resistor can bought at radioshack along with the diode. The board was so bad I couldn't solder back onto the pads so I connected the necessary legs of all the components together. The board simply holds them together. I only noticed this due to the licence plate lights being out one night. Save yourself a headache and seal it up! And yes I'm an electronics guru lol
  2. RidingRed2014

    Blinker electrical Nightmare! help!

    I thought bikes legally needed running lights all around though? I talked to my other thumper buddy and he's shocked this bike doesnt have the rear to go with the front Well time to button her back up!!!!
  3. RidingRed2014

    Blinker electrical Nightmare! help!

    WOW do I feel like a bonehead! After a whole year I swear it had em! Must have been due to following my harely buddies last weekend (he had a bad rear running light).
  4. RidingRed2014

    Blinker electrical Nightmare! help!

    ****Problem solved....there was no problem LOL! Ugh....so last night I turn the bike on and quickly realize my rear blinker lights are both dead. They DO blink but no running lights. Brake light is fine. Front blinkers are fine. I found a schematic online but its not 100% right due to the FRONT blinkers have a 3 wire hookup and the rears only have two. What I'm super ultra confused on is how did the back ever get any type of running light? If I connect the orange or blue directly to positive that repective blinker shows up on the cluster. Any help so my memorial weekend is not a complete fail? I'm going to keep at it!
  5. RidingRed2014

    Got a new Hero3 and the funniest thing happened

    Thanks! Yeah the dip has held up great so far with over 400 miles since its been applied. Had to do a minor touch up after the exhaust incident but that only took minutes to do. That seat concepts website looks pretty cool. Going to add that to my future mod list! That house is currently where I live at in the Poconos (PA).
  6. RidingRed2014

    Got a new Hero3 and the funniest thing happened

    yup, I'll most certainly will be checking up on it more. Also, I love plasti dip! Whether on the bike or on the car...Great stuff!
  7. Hey all! New here! Well I'm a proud owner of a 2014 Honda CRF250L that I bought in July. Love the bike. Just bought a GoPro Hero 3 Black and while testing it out my exhaust snapped in half! The rear bolt fell out and the weight of the exhuast made it crack at the header. All is well now and actually thread locked this time! Still hasen't brought me down about what I think about the Honda brand considering it is my first one. Here's the video