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  1. Kizbish

    Where to ride in Sydney/Central Coast?

    Hey any of you boys actually do much riding at Belanglo? Been heaps keen to go check it out but haven't got round to it.. Just interested to hear what it's like more then anything
  2. Kizbish

    Aussie Riders ?

    Moss Vale nsw!
  3. Kizbish

    Kickstand fitting on 01 WR426

    Thanks mate, will do! Legend
  4. Kizbish

    Kickstand fitting on 01 WR426

    I've been looking up online for some kind of diagram, haven't had any luck. Didn't realise when I bought the bike how important a service manual was! Just my luck that it didn't come with it as well.. Thanks mate, I'll see what I can find!
  5. Newbie posting asking how anyone else's kickstand is fitted on their bike? Just new to the dirt bike world and picked myself up a cheap kickstand for my bike but can't for the life of me work out how to install it? Any photos, info or links to how to install it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Just wondering how many people out there have ridden in either of those places? Looking for some people to come riding and show me around the places a bit really!