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    I'm back

    Lol Hi Dawn! Sent from my Pixel using ThumperTalk mobile app
  2. freespiritkris

    I'm back

    Where in the PNW? We usually ride a ton, but this winter has been brutal with weather, busyness, travel, ... I ride my dr650 daily to work, but haven't been on my dirt bike since the end of October! I'm in Hillsboro, but also have a strong Seattle contingent. There are great FB groups and meetup groups as well; happy to connect you if you aren't already connected! Starting the end of March (are you going to March Moto Maddness) we should be back on dual sports or dirt bikes almost every weekend. :-) Cheers!
  3. Hey all, When I was a new rider, and had NO female role models, I found Steph Jeavon's on this site, preparing to leave on her round the world trip. I think in the last five years, women riders have become more visible, but we are still proportionately small, and even though that is true, we are way underrepresented in motorcycle, dirt bike, and ADV media and advertising. There is a new Women Rider's ADV Magazine that is out: http://womenadvriders.com/ Everything from inspirational Round the World stories to bike comparisons to gear to bike repair, this magazine will have it all. It is mostly by women for women, but also includes experts of all genders, because we all ride together and learn from each other. Check it out, and if you are on facebook, feel free to like the page. https://www.facebook.com/womenadvriders/ I think it will be an exciting new resource, and hope to see reviews by people who can relate to what it is like to be the ONLY gal in the group 75% of the time, or who also can't touch the ground on most bikes, or who at one point also didn't know the meaning of ratchet and socket, but now can tear a bike down to the frame (not necessarily get it back together) and who can adjust her own carburetor jetting if necessary. This magazine looks to offer everything from inspiration to education, but most importantly, community. I hope you love it as much as I do! Kris
  4. freespiritkris

    Your bike(s) - pros/cons, type of riding, mods, etc.

    Fun thread! I'm 41 now, started riding when I was 35. 5'2 27" inseam. (Hard to touch on most off road bikes.) 140ish I ride dirt, street, and dual sport. I'm an intermediate rider, timid by nature, but getting more assertive. My first bike was a CRF 80. "The Tractor." Probably too small for me, but I could flat foot, it was super reliable, and easy to pick up. Which I did a lot. Eventually, I upgraded to a TTR125. "Ahamay". Better size, added handle bar risers, and spent a lot of time going to slow and falling off. I rode our friends super modded Kawasaki KX250x, and fell in love with having more power. Upgraded to a kx100. It was all beat to shit when we bought it, head together by zip ties, so I first called it "Frankenbike." Once we got the new plastics, it got the new name of "monster." LOVE LOVE LOVE this bike. I can just touch on both sides with the ball of my feet. The power is instant, so when I finally got up the courage to use it, it was amazing on hills and corners. I do mostly woods riding, an occasional race, some high desert, and I blew up my engine trying to do Sand Dunes too slowly and timidly. My first street bike was a ninja 250, "Angel", fulfillment of a lifelong dream for a crotch rocket. Loved it, rode it on a 3000 mile trip down the west coast and back up through central California and Oregon. Rode the Lost Coast with it, and went from being terrified to go on gravel to standing on it and riding it like a dirt bike by the end of that day. I wanted a dual sport after that, so I got an xt225. "Spitfire" LOVED it. Great bike, loved riding a dirt bike on the street. Loved riding it off road, but I was still a pretty timid rider once I was on this "BIG" bike (it was bigger than my dirt bike), and was able to ride green trails and occasional blue trails with it. Mostly stuck to 4x4 trails. It was a little under powered, so I upgraded to a BMW G650GS. "Scout" Mistake. The bike was the wrong shape for standing for me (I couldn't stand and reach the back brake), it was heavy off road, and while I loved it on the street, I never really bonded with riding it off road. (It also had the idle issue that comes with that bike, so I ended up lemon lawing it.) I stayed timid on this bike until the day I got rid of it; the night it died for good, I rode off road on a 4x4 trail, and remember my hands shaking with nerves. Bought my xt "spitfire" back from the guy I sold it to, thinking we could somehow increase the power. To prep for our upcoming trip, took it on a bunch of black diamond trails in the Pacific Northwest. Found out I'd upped my game since I sold it, and felt really happy to have it back. Rode it on a 4000 mile trip around Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon. Did 1000 miles of off road, including the White Rim Trail, UTBDR, and other 4x4 trails, as well as some dirt bike trails near Bryce. Also found out she was a GREAT snow bike! So much fun, but still underpowered for freeways (GREAT everywhere else!). Almost died a couple of times due to forgetting about it's lack of power and making some bad choices. Decided I needed to upgrade again. Came home and the very next day bought a 2016 DR 650. "Luna". Couldn't ride it home from the dealer, because I couldn't touch on one side even sliding off the bike. But, had already researched ALL of the lowering options. Came home, lowered the rear suspension and dropped the front forks. I could ride it. Barely. Every time I'd put a leg down, the leg still thrown over the seat was parallel to the ground. Ordered the low Seat Concepts Seat. Better. Could almost touch both sides on tip toes. Added a lowering link. Can touch both sides with a couple of toes. Happy as a clam. It's hard for me to back up, so I either park facing up hill so I can utilize gravity, park facing forward, or have to drag my bike out on foot before I get on. I get a little intimidated off road because I know I can't touch. (Which is good, because I'm supposed to be standing, but... you know. It's all a head game.) It feels like a dirt bike, only a little heavier than the xt, and I will ride it on 4x4 trails, green and blue dirt bike trails, and love it in the twisties as well. This is the bike I want to take around the world! Thanks for a great thread! I love seeing what everyone is riding!
  5. freespiritkris

    One Woman, One CRF250L, One World!

    Hey all, If you are in the northwest, and want to meet Steph, she'll be presenting in Portland on March 6th! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/one-steph-beyond-tickets-21473458693 Kris