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    I'm good at crashing and spinning wrenches.
  1. XSrcing

    Which KTM do I buy?

    All of them.
  2. XSrcing

    Stretch before or after excercise?

    This is actually not and extreme view. BUT, every one is different. Some people benefit from stretching before strenuous activity, some people it actually hinders. You just need to see how your body reacts. I personally do not do any static stretching before or after a work out. I perform dynamic warm ups to get my blood flowing. The only time I do any static stretching is right before bed.
  3. XSrcing

    DR 350 Cylinder Head Interchangeability

    I know it's considered sacrilege to post links to advrider, but DisTech did a comparison of several 350 heads with a bunch of pictures in his build: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=528784
  4. XSrcing

    Ran dr650 with choke on for 5 miles

    What's your take on it? Please advise.
  5. XSrcing

    :(((((( cracked frame

    That is not a new crack. That has been there a while.
  6. XSrcing

    My 1994 DR350SE

    Sorry for not posting pictures of anything. Found out the wife and I are expecting our first little one. But, I did finally get around to getting the jet kit installed and fixing everything from Memorial Day. She runs soooo freaking good right now.
  7. XSrcing

    Riding in the sand

    Don't listen to this guy. It's all about skill. The more you ride in sand, the better you will become riding in sand. Even on your 15 hp, 300 lb bike.
  8. XSrcing

    My 1994 DR350SE

    Found the culprit. The blinker timer had come unplugged and the lead was barely touching a ground when the wheel was pointed in certain directions. All because of the way I zip-tied the harness around that area.
  9. XSrcing

    My 1994 DR350SE

    So while I wait for parts I decided to tackle a couple electrical gremlins. First, was fixing the dimness of the tail light. I checked voltage and continuity and replaced a couple connectors and everything started working great. then while it was on the stand I grabbed the handle bars and straightened them... click...I suddenly lose all electrical power. Turn the handle bars and 'click' everything comes back on. Fantastic. I get to find a break in this rat's nest.
  10. XSrcing

    Engine ice?

    This is why you need Water Wetter. It breaks down the surface tension of water and helps prohibit bubbles from forming.
  11. XSrcing

    Engine ice?

    Distilled water and Redline Water Wetter or Royal Purple Purple Ice.
  12. XSrcing

    My 1994 DR350SE

    Time and money are super tight right now. So I am reduced to just looking at my bike in the garage as I wait until The Boss says I can spend more money on parts I broke Memorial Day.
  13. XSrcing

    My 1994 DR350SE

    Cobbled her all back together really quick for a ride on Memorial Day. Went on some roads that hadn't been traveled on in years. Once I get it jetted right it should be able to keep up with the DRZ with no problems.
  14. XSrcing

    1993 DR250 throttle lag help...

    I suspect a lean condition.
  15. If you want to do well on dirt, you are going to need dirt tires. You have to make a compromise. I went for a ride yesterday. I was on my 1994 DR350SE with Michelin T-63's on it. My buddy was on a 2014 DRZ400S with the stock Trail Wings. The road leading to the trails is a windy mountain road. I couldn't keep up with my friend, but once we got off the road I was riding circles around him.