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  1. Chickonwheels

    05 CRF 250

    I was thinking there was crank bearings but yes that would be the main. I had the Top end done 3 rides before, a gift from the ex bf. But I wanted to do a complete rebuild, that didn't happen.When something went I was able to ride the bike back to the car out of the woods. Approximately 5 miles, in 2nd gear. It didn't sound good. Marbles rolling around. I pulled the oil filter and it's full of metal. The ride before my oil seal leaked. Not sure which one was replaced. A shop replaced the seal, a friend of a friend. But I asked about the crank and he blew it off. Guys r telling me I should take the engine back so he can fix the issue he might have created. I say screw that!!!! I hope to God also my cylinder is fine, along with the top end. It was fresh... THANKS for the input.
  2. Chickonwheels

    05 CRF 250

    Hey all, question? Can crank bearings just go?? One would think bearings would break due to over heating. My crank did not lock upbut it sounds like marbles rolling around inside the engine. My oil seal went the ride before, not sure howlong I rode w the seal gone. I replaced the oil seal and the next ride out the brains blew. Also when replacing the oil seal can u even check the crank at that point and time?? Haven't looked at a manually yet so I have no idea if they are even close to one another.
  3. Chickonwheels

    CRF250R Problems?

    Hey guys, seeing you are talking about engine issues. Has anyone blown their crank bearings ???? If so, was it due from overused??? Or lack of lubricant??? I had a oil seal go, not sure how long I rode w no oil. BUT I replaced the oil seal wenton the next ride and blew the bearings. Also, when replacing the oil seal can u even see the crank at that point?? I haven't looked at a manually so not sure where the seal is? Thanks Guys, BTW I loved my 05 till it died. I got Hotcams in it, pulls a lot harder than a stock bike. Thanks again
  4. Chickonwheels

    shims........what's their life span?

    I am on the last hur-rah! I don't want to push it??? new to this 4 stroke world.........not sure why i left my 2 stroke behind........... thanks!