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  1. You would think that the muddy/beginner setting would slow the bike down alot but it actually worked quite well for an AX event this past weekend.He pulled the holeshot over 7 sx main event riders. This setting works out quite well for indoor racing.
  2. My son finally got a chance to ride with the torque setting on the bike.It made a lot of difference on the bottom and mid but just kind of flattend out on the top end just a little.Would love to change just the top end of that map to pull a little longer.Overall its good tho.
  3. 2014 CRF450...I work for a Honda dealership. Part number 06380-N1D-A00. I found out last night that this kit doesn't come with any pre mapping.I understand now that I need to go to the Honda website to download these into the kit.Trying to get the bog off the bottom end right now.We had a 2013 remapped by BPM last year and it works very well.
  4. I just purchased the Honda programming tool. Can't figure out how to get to those maps to download to the bike. Could you give me some pointers about how to use this thing?