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  1. The Team is missing a good friend!

  2. Red Mountain Addict

    I did something very irresponsible

    Done that, but worse, rode with "no" oil an entire day. And these rigs can take that abuse too. Being dumbfounded afterwards is the real bruiser. The only real way to check if you did any damage is to tear down the motor and inspect for micro fractures in the metal. That means casing, gears, etc. If you are not keen on tearing down your motor, maybe have a professional inspect it for you. If you had a quart, I'd say what everyone else says and you're probably ok. But it never hurts to be sure either. If we're talking 2 stroke and that damage is there, it has the potential to implode under load. IMO Just my five cents worth.
  3. Red Mountain Addict

    what is the fastest dirt bike you've ever riden?

    Hands down, my CR500 which I've yet to tame.
  4. Red Mountain Addict

    What do you do when you're not riding?

    No a days, pretty much nothing but make sure I'm not late to doctor appointments, and take all my meds. I'd love to say I'm like many of you and lead a normal hustle and bustle life, but I don't anymore. I've never in a hurry to get anywhere frankly because I don't live on a time schedule anymore other than make my appointments with my doctors. As to say, I don't have to rush to them because I'm late simply because I have more time on my hands to better manage my daily schedule. You see people rushing back and forth to get to work because they're 10 minutes late, or trying to get in front of you because they think it will get them to where they need to be any faster, but for me, I take my time now, drive safely, and mind my own business. If I get better, I'm sure to get back to wrenching my bikes which of course planning will come into play, and perhaps if I'm lucky, I'll be back out there again in the DEZ with my bikes where I truly belong. Only then will I rush to get where I have to get to not because I'm late, but because I love it so much that the sooner I'm out there roosting, the happier I'll be.
  5. Red Mountain Addict

    how hard can you ride a 2 stroke until it blows

    I've never intentionally blown a 2 stroke motor. However, back in my 20's when I discovered science and the art of mixing fuels, I blew a engine almost every time I went out to ride on the weekends. Was one of the more exciting times riding for me. Running a bike on high grade fuel in the DEZ. It was like fire crackers going off in my combustion chamber. Today in my older ripe age, the power that comes out of my CR500 on regular fuel is more than I can handle. But I do long for those lost days when it was exciting to ride a 2 stroke on steroids.
  6. Red Mountain Addict

    How far will a bike go on a tank of gas

    Generally, about 90 minutes with two or three break stops. Since I don't have a odometer, I pretty much go by time. The trick is to make it back to camp on just enough fumes to get you there, drop a couple of beers, gas up, and head out again. In the span of an entire day out in the DEZ, I could get at least 4 good rides out of the day. And that included getting back at high noon, eating lunch, taking an hour nap, and riding pretty much until sun down. All my bikes have at least 4 gallon tanks.
  7. Red Mountain Addict

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke what do you guys think?

    Because it's all I've ever known. I've yet to try the latest four stroke, but from what I hear, they're not bad machines. I guess I'll stick to what I know, 2 strokes because of the way they sound, the way they pull, and the power band that comes with every ported 2 stroke I've ever owned. There's nothing like pulling up a mountain on a power band and watching your tailings. It's an awesome feeling, one that I will never forget.
  8. I still have and use my old Malcolm Smith boots which are very similar to those. Close to 40 years old and damn, still taking a licking. It's amazing how 1) well quality products last and 2) how cheap us old dogs are.
  9. You want old school? I owned a pair of these homo looking grips on an old YZ400 back in my day. The designer was no doubt queer in retrospect. I still have my original kidney Gold-Belt from the late 70's. Doesn't fit, but I kept it anyway as a reminder of all the miles I put on it in my youth.
  10. Red Mountain Addict

    spray painting cylinder

    Bare aluminum is best. But when I have, I've used "wheel paint". Holds up to the heat, and from what I understand, formulated to help with heat issues. VHT makes some pretty good products. Here's one I never tried, but I'm sure it's formulated to keep heat down.
  11. Red Mountain Addict

    "The Recovery Room"

    Love it!
  12. Red Mountain Addict

    "The Recovery Room"

    How well does that hold up to wind? I've thought about something like this when I would go camping with my TOY 4x4, but out in the desert where I ride and camp, the wind is strong enough to rip tarp. I often would wake up in the mornings to find them gone, then ride and find them miles away. So I ended up getting a really cool Ford E250 that needed a lot of TLC. It's a nice rig to camp/sleep in, but it is a gas guzzler. It handles pretty good off road (haven't got it stuck yet), but I long for my TOY 4x4 pickup to get me to some fine spots off the highway. With the E250, I normally don't do anymore than 100 feet from the main highway.
  13. Red Mountain Addict

    "The Recovery Room"

  14. Red Mountain Addict

    "The Recovery Room"

    If it wasn't for the music, I'd probably wouldn't of even clicked to watch it. Enjoy the music! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxqFos5c5BI